TV Stand Ideas For Rustic Decoration

rustic black tv stand

It seems, television is a mandatory object in a room, especially the living room. The presence of television is not just an object of entertainment, but has a role in decoration, and usually a TV stand accompanies it. We can see various designs, offering a variety of shapes and raw materials used. So, we just need to choose and adjust the theme of our room decor. For this post, I specialize TV stand ideas for rustic decoration.

1. Black rustic TV stand

black rustic tv stand

This is a black rustic TV stand. Because it has a neutral color, this TV stand model can fit into any type of room decoration. In the picture, this black TV stand complements a living room, along with a large television offering guests entertainment. The large white sofa contrasts with this TV stand, creating an amazing harmony. The presence of blue color makes this room decoration more fresh.

2. DIY rustic TV stand

diy rustic tv stand

Combining modern and rustic style will create a beautiful blend. The presence of a rustic touch in modern decor can make room decor more attractive. You can try it by bringing a DIY rustic TV stand to your modern living room. In this picture the TV stand is made of wood with a natural suffix without paint and varnish. The existence of this rustic TV stand, although it looks striking, is an attraction. Wooden floors can be a counterweight to this decoration.

3. Rustic 70 inch TV stand

rustic 70 inch tv stand

Having a large television is very fun for those of us who like to watch a drama or movie. But so that its presence also gives a role in the decoration of a room, then we can pair it with a TV stand. A 70 inch flat screen television will definitely create a modern look. And to compensate, a 70 inch rustic TV stand must be amazing. With the suffix of gray paint, this TV stand succeeded in bringing rustic vibrations into this modern living space.

4. Rustic black TV stand

rustic black tv stand

Many of us love rustic decorations. Many ways and styles to make it happen. One of the inspirations that came was to showcase an exposed brick wall that would instantly create a rustic impression into the decor of our room. On this occasion the designer showed us a simple spacious living room displaying a rustic style that we could immediately catch upon entering this room. We cannot deny that the decision to bring exposed brick wall style into a modern room will immediately bring the impression of rustic into the overall decoration. This is confirmed by a painting that sticks cool to the wall and the presence of a rustic black TV stand.

5. Rustic corner TV stand

rustic corner tv stand

This is a rustic corner TV stand that has a unique and unusual design. This TV stand is made of wood which is finished in the end. Presenting an attractive design, making it the center of attention in this living room. Four wheels complete this TV stand, making it easy to move, shifting to any angle in the room. On the bottom side of the TV stand, you can place a VCD player, speakers, and remote control. And to make it look more attractive, a patterned greenery can help you.

6. Rustic solid wood TV stand

rustic solid wood tv stand

Wood furniture is not aged. The meaning of this expression is that furniture made from wood, whatever the model, can still be used forever. He will not look outdated. For this reason many people like household furniture made of wood, and one example is the rustic solid wood TV stand in this post. Whatever your decorating theme, you can enter this TV stand. The wood used is of good quality, keeping it durable with proper care. Showing off a simple design, this TV stand looks elegant supporting a flat screen television. Here we can enjoy a beautiful blend of rustic and modern styles.

7. Rustic TV stand with fireplace

rustic tv stand with fireplace

When we live in a country with four seasons, surely we will go through winter. At times like this, of course we spend more time indoors. And what we need the most is warmth. This is where the presence of a fireplace and a television are very happy. You can imagine how boring and the length of time passed in the absence of something that is entertaining and makes us feel comfortable. In a living room above, we see an amazing decorating idea. An open living space that offers lots of fun. A rustic TV stand with fireplace promises us true comfort. While in the sitting area, a set of soft couches invites us to curl up warmly while enjoying all the available entertainment.

8. Rustic TV stand

rustic tv stand

To create an attractive room decoration we can sometimes do it by bringing together a modern and traditional look. With the selection of the right decoration items, all will blend into an amazing unity. As an example is this relaxing room design post. Here we are spoiled with a beautiful idea where the designer brings a rustic TV stand into a stylishly elegant room. The final appearance of this room decoration is so warm and inviting. The addition of several natural panoramic paintings on the walls of the room makes the atmosphere feel beautiful. And perfecting comfort in this room is a pair of soft chairs flanking a classic table with a flat screen TV on it.

9. Rustic wood TV stand

rustic wood tv stand

This rustic wood TV stand has a simple design, but this is precisely what makes it steal attention. With its classic model, this TV stand gives a rustic aura to the decor of the room. This TV stand is made of wood which in the end will retain the natural pattern of wood used. This natural wooden pattern gives an attractive appearance, which makes this TV stand cooler. Without the addition of any other decoration items the room where this TV stand will remain has charm. In addition to offering a place to display a television, this TV stand also provides a storage space that we can use to put some of our art and shelter our books.

10. Small rustic TV stand

small rustic tv stand

When having a room with limited area, we are required to be smarter and more creative in determining the decoration and choosing furniture that we will use. If we are careless in making decisions, it will become a nightmare. But if we are good at managing it, so even though it is narrow, our room will give everything we should get from a large room. And the idea of one of these designers can we adopt. The designer brought a small rustic TV stand which in the end was a smart idea. This TV stand not only provides a solution for your television, but also provides a rustic vibe to your room’s decor. Looks even cooler with a wooden wall that acts as a backdrop. Really awesome.

11. Tall Rustic TV stand

tall rustic tv stand

If in the posts above we are taken to the living room, then let’s take a peek at the idea of a TV stand for a kitchen. Here the designer exhibits a tall rustic TV stand. This allows TV shows to be enjoyed freely while enjoying a meal on the kitchen island in the middle of the room. TV stands here are made of wood, which in the display finally retains the original pattern of wood, attached to the kitchen wall. This kitchen wall is exposed stone wall. The combination of stone and wood appearance creates a kitchen decoration with a rustic taste but still warm and inviting.

11. Wooden Rustic TV stand


wooden rustic tv stand
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If you have a dream of having a home cinema because you like watching movies, this is one of the ideas that you can make a reference. A super large television set with a rustic TV stand that looks really tempting. TV stand is made of wood, in the shape of an elongated box which provides storage space in the form of a cabinet. Exposed stone wall provides a cool backdrop for this television and TV stand. In the sitting area, a leather sofa with many pillows offers you a comfort. And to complete the fun in this room, a gray carpet stretches across the floor, promising warmth for you.

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