TV Stand Design For Various Rooms

small rustic tv stand

Today I am sure all homes have television. As the development of design, television not only serves as a means of entertainment, but also has a role in the decoration of a room. If in the past television was enough to be placed on a desk or on a cabinet top, now there are various models of TV stands, and in this post I bring various inspirations of TV stand designs for various rooms, special for you.

1. Bathroom small TV stand design

bathroom small tv stand

Maybe you plan to equip your bathroom with a television. We can see a luxurious bathroom with a stand bath tube facing a television that is attached to the bathroom wall. This bathroom small tv stand design can we adopt if our television has a flat screen. Anyone would like to linger in this bathroom, soaking while watching television feels so nice.

2. Contemporary TV stand design

conemporary small tv stand with wall mounted

In the second picture we move on to the living room. This residence has a comfortable living space that showcases warm and intimate decorations. Natural colors dominate, and a contemporary TV stand design perfects the comfort of this living room. A soft sofa with lots of cushions sitting facing the television attached to a white wall. Anyone who crosses will be tempted to stop and curl up here.

3. Modern TV stand design

modern small tv stand

We are still in the living room of a luxurious residence. This living room has a large area with facilities that promise ultimate comfort. A broken white sofa set with a glass coffee table invites anyone to sit and relax. Long fireplaces are built on the walls of the room, offering continuous warmth. As a refinement, a television with a modern TV stand design is ready to entertain anyone present here.

4. Bedroom TV stand design

We headed to the bedroom. Some people like watching television in the bedroom. But some other people don’t like it. If you are one who likes to bring television into your bedroom, here is one idea you can adopt. This room uses a modern bedroom TV stand design. Television stuck to the wall in front of the bed. Underneath is built a modern fireplace that promises warmth. The walls are designed in waves, giving an amazing final look.

5. Corner electric fireplace TV stand

small corner electric fireplace tv stand

This bedroom has a warm and inviting decoration, featuring natural color combinations. Simple sized room, consisting of sleeping and sitting areas. The sleeping area is in the middle of the room, offering a soft bed facing a wall showing a flat screen television and a fireplace. An electric fireplace corner TV stand makes the television and fireplace look sweet and neat. The sitting area occupies space near the window, providing a calm sofa that provides the convenience of relaxing while enjoying the view from outside the room. Light brown carpet covering the entire floor of the room, making the atmosphere warmer.

6. Corner fireplace TV stand

small corner fireplace tv stand

Let’s go back to a living room. This living room overlooks a green garden on the outside. With a simple area, this room offers comfort comparable to a wider living space. L-shaped soft couches occupy the center of the room, facing an exposed brick wall showing a flat screen television and a traditional fireplace. Directly this wall design brings a rustic feeling to the room. The idea of a corner fireplace TV stand can be your inspiration when you live in an area that has a cold climate.

7. Small corner TV stand design

small corner tv stand

Still in a living room with simple, friendly and warm decorations. This living room has a small corner TV stand design. In my opinion, the presence of television in the living room is not the core of the room because television does not face the sofa like most other living room decorations. A pair of sofas occupy the center of the room, adjacent to a fireplace. The wall and fireplace design in this living room brings a traditional look. On the right and left side there are large glass windows that frame the beautiful view outside the room so that we can enjoy it from whatever direction we sit.

8. Electric fireplace TV stand

small electric fireplace tv stand

Not yet moved from the living room, but this time we see a room that is brighter and more modern. This living room also has amazing outdoor views. If usually the television and fireplace are close together, in this living room is different. Television and fireplace far apart although still on one side of the same wall. An electric fireplace TV stand completes it, making the decoration look more attractive. The L-shaped leather sofa invites lying down, and the white sofa at the end of the room offers other conveniences. A soft carpet adds to the comfort that is in this living room.

9. Modern TV stand

small modern tv stand

In the bedroom of this luxurious residence we see a modern TV stand that attaches a flat screen television and electric fireplace. A pair of glass windows flank this TV stand and at the same time frame a beautiful view outside the room. A soft bed right in front of him. Perfect comfort calls for snuggling under the blanket while enjoying a favorite movie and looking at the scenery in the distance. A modern rocking chair offers another way to enjoy the fun in this bedroom, sitting next to a warm fireplace.

10. Rustic TV stand design

small rustic tv stand

Now it’s your turn to love rustic decorations. We see how warm the living room decoration in the picture above, showing off the combination of natural colors of various gradations. A fabric sofa set offers a comfortable place to gather with family members. In front of the coffee table there is a rustic TV stand design that houses a television and a fireplace. The floor of this living room is made of wood with a natural suffix, making the atmosphere in this living room feel warmer.

11. Small space TV stand for living room

small space tv stand for Livingroom

This small space TV stand for living room. If you are looking for a design that is simple and hassle-free, you can adopt this. If in the picture above, this TV stand is shared with an electric fireplace. But if you don’t live in an area that has cold weather, you can use this fireplace room as a shelf that can be used to display a collection of photographs, books, or can also display art decorations. A pair of sofa beds offers comfort in this living room, overlooking the television and fireplace. Light gray carpet perfects the look of decoration in this room.

12. Small TV stand for bedroom

small tv stand for bedroom

The design of this bedroom is so warm and comfortable, featuring a calm brown color. Spacious bed with a color matching the color of the walls and carpet of the room seemed as a whole. Wooden bedside cabinets and flower pots in the corner add a touch of nature to the room. In front of the bed there is a small bedroom TV stand that offers a flat screen TV and a fireplace. The glass wall on one side of the room frames a beautiful view on the outside. Next to the glass wall, a soft sofa invites you to sit back and relax.

13. Small TV stand ideas

small tv stand ideas

Next is a living room that flaunts an amazing rustic style. The exposed stone wall and wooden beams on the roof of the room reinforce this impression. In the corner of the room we can find a small TV stand idea that we might be able to apply in our room. Designers use neutral colors when decorating this living room, resulting in a warm and comfortable room. A large gray sofa with a wooden coffee table is the center of this room, sitting facing a traditional fireplace that promises warmth.

14. Small TV stand with drawer

small tv stand with drawers

If you need a TV stand as well as storage space for your living room, the small TV stand with drawer is the best choice you can consider. This TV stand with drawer is made of wood and is darkened for a final look. The form of this TV stand is simple, resembling a small cupboard on top of it to set the television, while the drawers are used to store your things. This TV stand matches the wooden side table next to the brown sofa, producing a beautiful blend.

15. White TV stand in bedroom

small white tv stand in bedroom

What we want from a bedroom is comfort because this place is a private room that we use to rest. The right decoration really determines that goal. For those of you who like your bedroom has a television, then this can be your inspiration. This is a white TV stand in bedroom. You can also use this TV stand to place collection books, photographs and room decoration. At the end of the room next to a large glass window there is a seating area for two with a comfortable sofa that promises beautiful outdoor views.

16. Small wood TV stand

small wood tv stand

For those of you who like simplicity in decorating your living room, this small wood TV stand is for you. This TV stand is made of wood which is polished for its final appearance. The model is very simple, and suitable for a living room that has a limited area. An old gray sofa and a round coffee table sit facing this TV stand. In the corner of the room stands a lamp which also has a role in the decoration of the room. A gray bookshelf looks in harmony with the room sofa. As a complement to comfort, a carpet spread nicely covered some of the wooden floor in the sitting area.

17. TV stand for small living room

tv stand designs for small living room

If you are looking for the idea of a TV stand for a small living room, this post might be for you. Here we can see a modern style living room with a flat screen TV on a white wall, confronted with a set of white sofas. The wooden beams in this room increasingly make the decoration look attractive, while giving the impression of warm and friendly. A chandelier has its own role, looks sweet and attractive. And overall, every corner of this room offers comfort.

18. TV stand for living room with fireplace

tv stand for small living room with fireplace
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For those of you who live in countries with cold weather, a fireplace is a must-have item. A fireplace like a television whose presence can be comforting and entertaining. In the picture we see a TV stand for a living room with a fireplace. All look interesting and inviting. You can make it an inspiration in realizing the room of your dreams. Design this living room for a spacious family home. Luxurious sofas invite us to lean back to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace with loved ones.

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