The Fascinating Above Ground Pool Ideas

above ground pool ideas

Having a private pool at home may be the dream of many people. The existence of a swimming pool at home is an inseparable part of home design, so it is a unity. Various types and designs of swimming pools can easily be seen on the internet or in design magazines. Some of them you can see below.

1. above ground pool deck on a budget

above ground pool deck ideas on a budget
The first inspiration is above ground pool deck on a budget. This swimming pool design inspires those of you who want a swimming pool to be present at your residence, but with a limited budget. Rectangular swimming pool, equipped with a comfortable sitting area. The wooden deck on one side increasingly beautifies this swimming pool. The swimming pool is outdoors, surrounded by evergreen greenery. Beautiful scenery in the distance gives more value. This design requires a fairly large area, so you have to look at the available land first before designing it.

2. above ground pool deck plans

above ground pool deck plans
Here is above ground pool deck plans. This is still the design of an outdoor swimming pool. As before, this swimming pool is rectangular in shape, surrounded by a wooden deck. The swimming pool is built on the ground, equipped with a comfortable sitting area on one side. The combination of rocks, wood and green plants creates a cool mix, feels very close to nature. The design of the swimming pool is suitable for large areas and is surrounded by beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed during swimming or just sitting relaxed on the deck. It’s so lovely when the weather is nice to spend vacation time in this swimming pool area with the whole family.

3. above ground pool deck

above ground pool decks
Still inspiration of above ground pool deck. This swimming pool has a unique shape, is above ground level and like the previous idea, has a wooden deck. Swimming pool design like this is suitable for outdoors, you can make it in the front yard, or in the back garden. This swimming pool has a wooden deck surrounding it, inviting anyone to come closer. Comfortable sitting area is on one side of the pool above the deck. This sitting area is really comfortable, can be used to enjoy the evening atmosphere or even enjoy the night air. Several chairs are available, calling you to sit.

4. above ground pool ideas

above ground pool ideas
The next above ground pool ideas come with different design. If the previous pool design is coupled with a friendly wooden deck, this time the design emphasizes the presence of natural stone around the pool. This outdoor swimming pool is of medium size, featuring a rectangular shape. Around the swimming pool is a beautiful flower garden, making you feel more at home in this area. A comfortable sitting area is on the left side of the pool, providing a set of seating that invites to approach. Green plants that grow around the pool are increasingly refreshing the surrounding air and beautify the appearance of this swimming pool.

5. above ground pool installation

above ground pool installation
Ok, let’s look an above ground pool installation on the picture. This above ground pool have circle shape, and is enhanced by two comfortable sitting areas that invite you to sit longer to enjoy the undeniable beauty in this area. The swimming pool is surrounded by wood, which makes it look friendly. One of the sitting areas is right next to the swimming pool, on the deck. This sitting area you can use after swimming, or can also just sit. Another sitting area is near the stairs that lead to the swimming pool area. This sitting area is equipped with two long chairs that you can use four of you.

6. above ground pool kits

above ground pool kits
Here is an above ground pool kits. Still showing off the shape of a circle, this swimming pool has a larger size than the previous pool design. This is also a swimming pool design that is suitable for outdoor. Two stairs on two sides of the pool are ready to take you in to enjoy the freshness of this swimming pool. What about the view around the pool? Dont worry. The swimming pool is surrounded by large green grasses and large shade trees. The sitting area is right next to the pool, with two loungers that promise comfort.

7. above ground pool ladder

above ground pool ladder
Showing off an elegant and expensive design, this above ground pool ladder will perfect the luxurious appearance of your residence. This swimming pool is located on a stretch of refreshing green grass. This is the type of swimming pool above ground level. Wooden materials surround the swimming pool, bringing inviting warmth. On one side of the pool there is a comfortable sitting area that calls to approach. A wooden deck that comes with the swimming pool is surrounded by a black fence that looks harmonious. Imagine a pleasure offered by this space, very tempting.

8. above ground pool ladders

above ground pool ladders
The ladder is one inseparable part of a swimming pool. Its existence makes it easy for us to enter and exit the swimming pool. As well as swimming pools, pool stairs also have a variety of types and models. An above ground pool ladders on the picture is one of them. This swimming pool is simple and quite wide. Pool ladder is only on one side only, made of iron and concrete. The amount matches the large swimming pool. And one of the considerations when we choose the design of a swimming pool next to the main model is that it is not slippery.

9. above ground pool lights

above ground pool lights
When a swimming pool is part of the design of a house, it also has a role in the appearance of decoration. So, its existence has contributed in creating the final look of decorating a home. Many things can we consider from the design of a swimming pool, the most important of course the model. Another important thing that we must pay attention to is the lighting. A swimming pool will make the house look more beautiful and refreshing with the right design, not only at noon, but also at night. Here, lighting plays an important role. And one of the lighting ideas you can see in the picture, an above ground pool lights.

10. above ground pool liners

above ground pool liners
We will find something interesting from the above ground pool liners in this picture. The swimming pool showcases an elegant oval shape. Wooden ornaments surround it, adding to its attractive appearance. The shape of a swimming pool like this can be used outdoors or indoors. This swimming pool offers a number of attractive seating areas. The first is the sitting area on the pool deck, with four inviting long chairs. The second sitting area contains four chairs that surround a round table. A paying helps calm this area. And the third sitting area is in a higher area, connected by a wooden ladder. Because it is located in the highest place, from this sitting area can enjoy views of the swimming pool and its surroundings as a whole.

11. above ground swimming pool deck plan

above ground swimming pool decks plans
One part of a swimming pool is a deck. The deck of a swimming pool also has a variety of designs and raw materials. The most often we encounter is wood, concrete, and iron. Each of these ingredients has their respective advantages. And if you want the most durable, of course, concrete and iron. If you want a warm and inviting final look, then choose a wooden swimming pool deck. In the picture above, the designer uses an iron base material as above ground swimming pool deck plan.

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