The Elegant Kitchen Cabinet in White

white oak kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Over time, the function of a kitchen is not only as a place used for cooking, preparing food and drinks, but as a place to carry out familiar daily activities, even to sit relaxed entertaining friends or family who come. The designers came up with brilliant ideas, bringing various kinds of designs and styles of a kitchen that we can make reference in realizing the kitchen of our dreams. In the following post, I bring to you some inspiration of white kitchen cabinet. Check it out.

1. Antique White Kitchen Cabinet

antique white kitchen cabinets
If you are a fan of all antique things, this antique white kitchen cabinet is very fitting for you. Often we see and encounter these kitchen cabinet designs in interior magazines that present luxurious and elegant kitchen designs. Indeed, I also agree that such a kitchen cabinet model will necessarily give a touch of luxury and classic to the overall kitchen decoration. White is identical to this kitchen cabinet.

 2. Minimalist white kitchen

minimalist white kitchen
The next idea is a minimalist white kitchen. This kitchen give inspiration for us who don’t have a lot of space. The kitchen cabinet provides plenty of storage space, built from the floor to the floor and almost covers the entire wall in this room. Aside from being in the form of shelves, this kitchen cabinet also has drawers that provide closed storage space. This kitchen has an exposed brick wall background that gives a rustic touch to the decor. For floors chosen wooden floors with a natural look, bring warmth and ultimately make this kitchen area look inviting.

3. Simple all white kitchen

simple all white kitchen

Here is simple all white kitchen for you who like something neat and modern. The appearance of this kitchen is so neat and orderly. L-shaped kitchen cabinet, which covers almost all surface walls in this room. Because it is built from floor to roof, this kitchen cabinet offers abundant storage space. The right arrangement makes the final look of this kitchen decoration is amazing. The white kitchen cabinet, contrasted with a wooden kitchen floor that displays a dark finish. This kitchen design is suitable for modern design houses.

4. White and grey kitchen cabinet

white and grey kitchen ideas
Some families like to enjoy eating and drinking in the kitchen. With this habit, we need a kitchen that also provides a dining area. This is one of the ideas that we can make a reference. This kitchen is equipped with white and gray kitchen cabinet which is built from the floor to the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet is entirely equipped with a door, so stored items will be well protected, and the appearance from the outside will always look neat. In the middle of the kitchen there is a rectangular table with a marble top that can be used as a place to mix ingredients to be cooked, as well as a dining table.

5. White grey kitchen island

white grey kitchen island

On the picture we can see a white grey kitchen island as the center of kitchen. Whole design display classic elegant style. The designer combines three colors, white, grey, and black. On the ceiling above the ceiling hang two lamps that give modern touch to the space. The kitchen island can used to prepare cooking, and also as dining area. White cabinet provide a lot of storage space. On the other side of room sits a cozy dining area for four. The grey wall look suitable with the black floors. This kitchen design appropriate to a house with wide space and have a lot of family member.

6. White kitchen backsplash

white kitchen backsplash

The next design show a modern kitchen with white kitchen backsplash. This kitchen model suitable for an urban house. The kitchen not too small, just have enough space. Wooden floor in natural finish bring warmth to the space, soften the sharp and cool of white color from the kitchen cabinet and the door. The space have a lot of natural light at the day. What that catch the attention is the kitchen backsplash, display unique pattern which is lightened up the decoration. On the top of kitchen cabinet, two vases of beautiful flower look sweet and freshness the space.

7. white kitchen cabinet with classic lamp

white kitchen cabinet with classic lamp

If you like some classic things, you should look the inspiration of kitchen design on the picture. In this kitchen we can found a white kitchen cabinet with classic lamp. No one will opposite to says that the hanging lamp design have classic look. The lamp have unique design which is enhance the kitchen decoration. The island is another thing that will steal the attention, display classic unique design. This kitchen island can be used as dining table for enjoying meal or just snack at coffee or tea time. The kitchen design is suitable sits in the classic home and also can bring classic feel to the modern house.

8. White kitchen cabinets ideas

white kitchen cabinets
The next inspiration is for those of you who are looking for white kitchen cabinets ideas. This kitchen model is perfect for homes with modern decorating styles. Designers show off a combination of white and black, creating a monochrome design. In the middle of the kitchen room is a black and white island that provides space to prepare food, and can be used as a dining area. On the kitchen island hang two simple design lamps but can further enhance the appearance of the kitchen area. To keep the kitchen area looking neat, the white cabinet provides ample space.

9. White kitchen faucet

white kitchen faucet

It’s always fun to see kitchen designs. This inspiration shows the kitchen design with white color on the entire cabinet, as well as the shelves. In the washing section, elegantly installed a white kitchen faucet. Viewed as a whole, this kitchen has an elegant appearance. All looks neat and fit in the arrangement. A green plant is placed on one of the kitchen cabinet surfaces on the side of the glass window. Its presence refreshes the kitchen area, while bringing the feel of nature into the room. For kitchen floors selected wooden floors with a dark finish, providing a beautiful contrast.

10. White kitchen ideas

white kitchen ideas(

If you still need inspiration about white kitchen ideas, here’s another one for you. White makes a room brighter, appears wider, and appears cleaner. For these reasons, making white kitchen design is in great demand. But one of the weaknesses of the white kitchen is easy to get dirty, so we must be more diligent in cleaning it. In the picture above, a modern kitchen with a white kitchen cabinet and shelves is displayed. The kitchen floor was chosen white. Maybe for those who like the combination of colors, kitchen design like this is not suitable and looks boring.

11. luxury kitchen in white

white kitchen ideas

This time we will see a luxurious kitchen design that showcases the combination of natural brown, white and black. This luxury kitchen in white, with a touch of gold that gives a luxurious appearance. The entire kitchen cabinet is white with a shiny backsplash. This kitchen also provides a dining area for four of you on kitchen island. This kitchen island has a marble countertop, making it look luxurious and elegant. Three hanging lamps with gold holders and ornaments enhance the luxurious look of this room. Familiar atmosphere is brought by the wooden floor with a natural look that looks fit and blend.

12. White kitchen sink

white kitchen sink

One area in the kitchen a washing area that to wash food before cooking and also equipment. What we need to complete this area is faucets and sinks. If you need an idea, here I will bring it to you, white kitchen sink. This white kitchen sink have modern simple design and combined with chrome faucets. The black countertop of kitchen cabinet give sharp contrast, create a monochrome look. Underneath the sink there is a closed cabinet so the sink pipes and channels are protected and not visible from the outside, making the washing area look clean and neat.

13. White kitchen table

white kitchen table

Here is a white kitchen table that sits in the middle of the kitchen room with classic and elegant style. White color dominates the room. The kitchen table has a white marble top that offers space to eat, enjoy snacks and coffee or tea. Two lamps hang on the ceiling, showing off a classic design that contributes to creating a beautiful decoration for this kitchen space. The kitchen floor features a mix of black and white, giving this kitchen style. This kitchen design requires a large area, and is suitable for families who like the classic style of modern life.

14. White Oak kitchen

white oak kitchen

The last inspiration in this post is white oak kitchen. This kitchen has an inviting, intimate and warm design. The combination of white and oak wood is truly amazing. Besides functioning as a place to cook, this kitchen area also provides an area to enjoy food and snacks at tea time or coffee time. The center of attention of this kitchen is the kitchen island, which combines white for the contertop and oak wood as the cabinet door. It is undeniable, if the presence of oak wood reduces the cold and stiff appearance of the white color that dominates the room.

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