Speaker Stands Ideas to Create Comfort When Stay At Home

small speaker stands

When leisure or when conditions and situations require to stay at home, the first thing we think about is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, comfortable, and comfortable. When these things are met, then I’m sure we will feel at home to stay sitting at home. One of the things that occurred to me was music, film and games. Between these three things there must be one that can cheer us up and not feel time-consuming. For that purpose, one of the equipment that must be present is the speaker. And here are some speaker stands ideas to create comfort when staying at home.

1. Best monitor speaker stands

best monitor speaker stands
This best monitor speaker stand has medium size, not too small and not too big. This type of speaker is suitable for workspaces, can be connected to your PC. The sound produced will certainly be more uplifting. If you are a fan of music, you can get more energy while working. Because of the right size, you can put this speaker model under the table or on the table next to your computer. Look great and still neat.

2. Black speaker stand

black speaker stands

The next idea is the black speaker stand. The resulting appearance is modern and carries a masculine vibe. This is caused by the shape and color. The model and style of speaker stands like this will look perfect for modern urban and apartment dwellings. The shape is slim so that it can perfect the appearance of a television in a living room, placed on the right and left side. Television can be placed in a cabinet, TV stand or attached to the wall. The cables that complete are trimmed perfectly so that the final appearance looks clean and attractive.

3. Bookshelf speaker stands

bookshelf speaker stands

If you have a large living space, then the sound system that complements your television must also be adjusted to get the spectacular results you want. Not only the choice of speaker capacity, but also the model and appearance so you will get a double benefit, namely quality and beauty. The idea in the picture above is a bookshelf speaker stands. The arrangement is interesting and neat. Large television mounted on the wall. Underneath there is a black speaker placed on a bookshelf. This bookshelf is flanked by two stand speakers. The television set, bookshelf, and speaker produce a modern living room decoration which is inviting and comfortable.

4. Desk speaker stand

desk speaker stands

When talking about a workspace, the first thing that comes to mind is inspiration. Yes, an ideal workplace is one that can make inspiration appear and offer comfort so that we will feel at home for long. Music may be one that can help make this happen. With your favorite music playing while you work, it will help reduce your stress levels. This can help bring forth various inspirations. To produce beautiful music needs to be supported by an appropriate speaker, and one of the interesting ideas is to appear in the picture, desk speaker stand.

5. Desktop speaker stand

desktop speaker stands

This is a desktop speaker stand model that is suitable for a room with limited area because of its slim shape so it doesn’t take up much space. This speaker stand is black and has a modern look, so it will be suitable to complement your television. It will be prettier when your flat television is flanked by two slim desktop speaker stands. Typically, desktop speakers are used to complement facilities in the living room, workspace, and family lounge.

6. DIY small PVC Speaker Stand

DIY Small PVC Speaker Stand

We should try this creative idea. This is by utilizing PVC that is not used, so that we can recycle used goods.  We can adjust the size of this DIY small PVC Speaker Stand according to your needs. To produce a more attractive final appearance, we can paint it. Recycling activities, making goods around us have more benefits and we can use to fill our free time. We can get more benefits by making works like this, including having the items we need at low prices and the most important is satisfaction.

7. DIY speaker stand by reddit

diy speaker stand by reddit

The next idea the designer utilizes wood. You can adopt this idea to produce your own, either by using new wood or by recycling the leftover wood that you have. In the picture the model looks quite simple, using only three wooden planks together with a square holder. We should adjust the shape and size of the speaker stand to the size of your speaker, so it can support the speaker well and is strong. This DIY speaker stand by reddit can help us create speaker stand designs that suit each of us.

8. Floor speaker stand

floor speaker stands

If you dream of having a cinema at home, in addition to a television with a big screen to get the perfect quality of furniture, you also need to have a good sound system. The combination of picture quality and sound quality will produce an amazing home cinema. The picture above give us an idea of creating a fun home cinema. A leather sofa in this home cinema facilitate us an ultimate comfort. A large television set sail is stick to the wall,  and a set of speakers complete with a floor speaker stand promises you an experience that is no less exciting when you watch a movie in the cinema.

9. Guitar center speaker stand

guitar center speaker stands

If you are a music player, especially guitar pickers, surely you need a guitar center speaker stand. And the picture above is one of inspiration for you. We can hung the collection of guitars  on the wall to make it look fast and beautiful. The guitar speaker has a matching color with the wall, increasing enthusiasm in this area. A stipe sofa with sit in the corner of the room, equipped with a side table. To increase comfort in this room, a large fireplace offers warmth.

10. S4 Desktop speaker stand

S4 Desktop Speaker Stands by staples.ca

If you are someone who likes something modern, simple, but high-tech, the S4 desktop speaker stands by staples.ca is right for you. This desktop speaker stand has a cool appearance and offers best quality that all people agree. This desktop speaker stand model is perfect to complement your workspace. With its existence you can listen to music with good sound quality so that it will arouse your enthusiasm and inspiration. Because it is concise, we can be place on a desk next to your computer.

11. Small cinderblocks speaker stand

Small Cinderblocks Speaker Stand by andersknelson.com

This is a cool idea for those of you who like something unique. This is the Small cinderblocks speaker stand by andersknelson.com. Its presence will automatically give an industrial touch to your room’s decorating style. This seems simple, but if we look carefully, this is amazing. With this idea you can save money on a speaker stand, but you will still get something interesting. You only need three cinderblocks to support your three medium sized speakers. You can adjust the number of cinderblocks to the number and size of your speakers.

12. Small speaker stand

small speaker stands

When we have a small house, with limited space, we should  wise in decorating each room of our house. One of the most we pay attention of course is the living room, because usually we will receive guest visits here. In the living room we also usually use to spend our free time when at home. This room is usually display a television. If we like watching movies in a living room, we would be more satisfy if our television have a good quality speaker. But considering that our space is narrow, we need a small speaker stand that can support our speakers but it takes up less space. And that idea we can see in the picture above.

13. Sonos speaker stand

sonos speaker stands

I think this idea is very suitable for those of you who like neatness and simplicity. This is a sonos speaker stand, will give a modern look when supporting your speakers. Speaker stand models like this do not take up much space, and we can place anywhere. If in the picture above, the speaker stand sits behind a sofa, complementing the flat screen television that stick to the wall. The form is simple but still looks cool, can fit into any decorating style, and we can use in any room, including work space to complement your computer.

14. Speaker stand guitar center

speaker stands guitar center
source image via houzz.com

There are other inspirations for those of you who work as musicians, or you can also enjoy music. This is one example of the decoration of a living room that used to play music, especially guitar. For a room like this we need a set of speakers and of course a speaker stand. Various forms and models are easy to get. If in the picture show to us a modern guitar center speaker stand, in accordance with the theme of space decoration in white. The touch of black in this room presents a cool monochrome look, giving contrast to the white color.

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