Plant Shelf Ideas Bring Nature Vibe To The Home

Plant Shelf Ideas Bring Nature Vibe To The Home

To make a home a comfortable, pleasant and comfortable place is not easy. We have to arrange the home decoration and design in such a way as to create a dwelling that makes us want to always go home. A beautiful and relaxing room might be one of our decorating ideas. The easiest way is to bring nature into the room. And one way is to bring plants to our room, can ornamental plants, or flowers. Various ideas come up about managing plants in the room, and smart ideas that can be tried are plant shelf ideas.

1. Corner plant shelf

corner plant shelf

A kitchen with white domination will feel boring if left as it is. But see if the idea of a corner plant shelf appears here. In addition to giving color to the room decoration, the presence of purple flowers in a vase in the corner of the room can change the final appearance of this kitchen. Simple things like this we can not ignore. Something amazing sometimes comes from small and trivial things. The idea of this corner plant shelf is easy for us to do because it doesn’t cost a lot of money, and we can do it ourselves because it’s so easy. This idea can also be brought to another room in your house. With a little improvisation and creative ideas, we are able to juggle the ordinary into the extraordinary.

2. Diy plant shelf

diy plant shelf

Freeing up time by making a work might be an interesting idea. Make a DIY plant shelf we can try. We can recycle the materials that are around us. Look at one of the inspirations in this picture. A beautiful plant shelf can be made from used wood or rattan. Just make a simple design. Then we can stick it on one wall of the house. And what we get is make over a corner of our house. The wall which was originally just plain turned into an attractive wall with a creative DIY plant shelf. I guarantee anyone will be tempted to glance at it. To make the display more lively, we can place colorful pots and orchids of various types.

3. Glass plant shelf

glass plant shelf

If you have a used glass, don’t rush to get rid of it. You can recycle used glass into a glass plant shelf. This is not difficult, even very simple. You simply cut it into a rectangular shape, then stick it on one of the walls of your house that looks boring. And then, put a small plant pot or beautiful flowers on it. It’s that simple you can create an attraction in your room. Apart from being a glass plant shelf, you can also use this glass rack to display some of your art collections. Believe that this idea can change the decoration of your room as easily as a wink

4. Hanging plant shelf

hanging plant shelf
An outdoor sitting area is one of the most pleasant places to be at home. We use this area to relax and gather with the family. So, of course comfort is the main thing. Not solely from the couch or chairs available, comfort is also expected to come from the atmosphere in this area. If we have a large area of land, we can make an open garden with a small pond. But if our area is limited, then the hanging shelf plant I think is a smart idea. To make a beautiful atmosphere, we can make plants with lush leaves. We can hang it on all sides of the sitting area. And look at this outdoor sitting area being one of the comfortable points in our home that invites us to stop by.

5. Indoor plant shelf ideas

indoor plant shelf ideas

This is a hallway in a modern house. The appearance of the decor is amazing with the presence of indoor plant shelf ideas. The white color that seems cold and stiff becomes very warm and friendly. Plants that decorate this area are types that do not require daily watering so they are not a hassle. The combination of purple and white orchids so gracefully hangs on the ceiling, while below it, various types of cacti greet anyone who passes through this hallway. You can try this idea at home, because it’s all so easy, it doesn’t require a gardener.

6. Indoor plant shelf

indoor plant shelf
We shift into a dining room. The dining room is bathed in the afternoon sun, and promises a garden view framed by a framed glass door. The decoration of this dining room is quite simple. The thing that makes it look different is the indoor plant shelf. The presence of flowers and greenery to this area makes a big impact. Besides making the room decoration attractive, it also invites a sense of nature into the room. This room not only promises a comfortable space to enjoy a meal, but also invites us to sit longer just to chat and chat with a family atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

7. kitchen window plant shelf

kitchen window plant shelf
Cooking is not just mixing various kinds of food ingredients. To produce a delicious taste of food, we must have a good mood when processing it. One of the things that can keep us in the mood is the design and decor of the kitchen. We can try a kitchen window plant shelf to make our kitchen look beautiful and comfortable. We can make it ourselves without involving experts. It is enough to install a shelf near the window, and place a few pots with ornamental plants that we like. This is trivial, but you can see the changes. The appearance of kitchen decorations is much more attractive than before.

8. Metal plant shelf

metal plant shelf

When we live in a densely populated urban area, it would be great if we had a green sitting room that we could use to rest and escape the daily fuss. To create a beautiful sitting room, we need to present a natural atmosphere that we can achieve by planting trees and ornamental plants. We can try a metal plant shelf. This gives us several advantages. Apart from its modern appearance, the metal plant shelf is also durable and resistant to weather changes making it suitable for an outdoor sit space. a combination of wood as a fence, as a floor and a shelf that we can use to show off small pots of ornamental plants.

9. Outdoor corner plant shelf

outdoor corner plant shelf

Another inspiration, an outdoor sitting area is here to greet you. Here we find an outdoor corner plant shelf made of wood with a natural finish. The combination of wood and green plants always manages to create an attractive appearance that is thick with a taste of nature. This area can be used as a resting area after a busy day, and also promises a comfortable outdoor dining area. Comfortable sofas with lots of throw pillows invite us to lie down to unwind. The wicker furniture set complements this sitting area with an umbrella that will ward off the sunshine at noon. A carpet with a unique design is here to enhance the decor of this sitting area.

10. Outdoor plant shelf

outdoor plant shelf

Another idea of outdoor plant shelf come to us. Anyone who looks is sure to fall in love with the freshness of this sitting area. Where the eye can see, everything appears green. Even during the day, this sitting area is still shady as it is surrounded by lush trees. It is an oasis in the middle of the desert. How soothing it is to pull out of this place after the stress of work, which is so emotionally draining. Just sitting enjoying tea and snacks in the afternoon, or lying comfortably on the sofa while listening to music. When you want a sitting area like this, you can use the services of a landscaper. But there is nothing wrong if you want to try to make it yourself.

11. Plant shelf decorating ideas

plant shelf decorating ideas

These are plant shelf decorating ideas. This idea is easy to work with, and can use any old wooden planks around us. You just need to tidy it up and stick it on the wall. After that, place a few small pots of plants or flowers, and you will be amazed at the changes that will occur in the final appearance of your room decoration. In the picture above, we see a dining room that has a simple design but looks attractive. A dining table with a solid wood countertop is the center point here. Six dining chairs surround, inviting anyone to sit back and enjoy nature paintings framed by framed glass sliding doors. A white chandelier both illuminates and adorns this area. And the “R” on the wall stole the show.

12. Plant shelf ideas

plant shelf ideas

This is an inspiration how to create a bathroom decoration that is not boring. You can try this in your bathroom without changing the existing design. This plant shelf ideas is really simple. And you can also take advantage of used glass that you no longer use. All you have to do is cut it along the width of your bathroom wall, then stick it on the wall. You can make many levels according to your taste. After that, put a few small flower pots. And it’s that easy you get a beautiful bathroom that has a natural decoration.

13. Plant wall shelf

plant wall shelf
Bringing the natural atmosphere into the house is not impossible to do. If you want a natural decoration for your living room, this post can be an inspiration. Here we look at a plant wall shelf idea. This is the home owner’s way of inviting a natural atmosphere into the living space. This idea also doesn’t take up a lot of space, so don’t worry if you have limited space. The presence of plants in this living room really changes the final appearance of the room decor. Initially, this living space did have a warm and inviting decoration. However, it becomes very different, looks more attractive and shady when the home owner decides to bring plants into this area. We should try this clever idea.

14. Plant window shelf

plant window shelf

Creating an attractive kitchen space is essential for building a good mood. Good mood when processing food ingredients to determine the taste of a dish. We have to admit, because cooking is not just mixing various ingredients, but is influenced by the mood that processes it. A clever idea we can adopt from this kitchen design. We can see a plant window shelf that can bring freshness to the kitchen decor. A little touch of plants into this space can make the decor look much prettier. Besides being able to change the room’s decor, the presence of plants can make us feel close to nature. This can keep us in a good mood.

15. Wall mounted plant shelf

wall mounted plant shelf

There are various ways we can try to bring green plants into the house. Not an ordinary way, but an idea that can make a room decoration shine amazingly. One idea that emerged was a wall mounted plant shelf. This idea is quite easy for us to apply. Also, don’t worry about space, as this will not make your room appear cramped. We can use imitation plants, as well as live plants. If you decide to use live plants, then you have to choose a type of plant that doesn’t need a lot of irrigation, because besides being troublesome, it will also cause the surrounding area to look muddy and gargle when you water it. It would be a wise choice if it was a plant that could stay fresh just by spraying it lightly with water without having to wet the surroundings.

16. Window ledge plant shelf

window ledge plant shelf
The impression that arises when looking at this modern kitchen decor is stiff, cold, and boring. But that assessment is before we find the window ledge plant shelf. This clever idea can change the final look of this kitchen decor. The presence of plants here not only beautifies the space, but also gives color, a sense of nature, and brings warmth. You can try it, and it’s an easy thing to do. Determine the type of plants you like, it can be flowers, cacti, green plants, or even vegetable plants such as tomato trees, leeks, or chili trees. I don’t think this is a bad idea. And you can benefit more from that.


17. Window plant shelf indoor

window plant shelf indoor

What we expect from our workspace is a comfort that can make us think creatively, feel at home, and always be happy. To make it happen, we must make an attractive and fresh workspace decoration. The idea offered here is an indoor window plant shelf. It’s also not a bad idea for a narrow workspace because it doesn’t take up much space. This indoor plant shelf offers space to display flower pots, cactus pots, and green plants that can freshen the air in this area. The presence of plants in a room can bring an uplifting sense of nature. Here, the wood that dominates the room makes the room decor appear friendly and warm. Anyone who enters it will feel a familiarity and a sense of peace.


18. Window plant shelf

window plant shelf

A kitchen space with large glass windows has many advantages. First, we can enjoy the outdoor nature painting while cooking. In addition, we can always get fresh air by opening the window, so that the air circulation in the kitchen is good. Another advantage that we can get is, the amount of sunlight during the day, so we can use it as natural lighting. But the challenge is, making the kitchen window take part in decorating the space. One of the easiest ways we can adopt this kitchen design. This beautiful kitchen exhibits a window plant shelf that displays small pots with attractive ornamental plants. This easy thing is able to change the appearance of the glass window that originally looked ordinary to steal the attention.

19. Window sill plant shelf

window sill plant shelf

Not always something big, striking, and complicated is the thing that can make a room decoration attractive. Often the little, the trivial and the simple make a big difference. We can see it in this picture. A window sill plant shelf can change the appearance of a room with formal and classic decorations to be more elegant and friendly. It’s not difficult to make it happen. We just need an idea and creativity. A pair of greenery stands beautifully on either side of the framed glass window. His presence caught the eye. The combination of green and white looks fresh, while the wood color invites warmth. These three are the perfect combination. The white sink stands out here, along with the classic faucets, giving the room a luxurious feel.

20. Wooden plant shelf

wooden plant shelf
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Wood never fails to bring warmth and natural atmosphere to a space. Likewise here, a wooden plant shelf is able to make this outdoor sitting area look inviting, warm, and comfortable. This wooden plant shelf with its simplicity provides plenty of room for small pots of plants to perch beautifully. The combination of wood and greenness can make the atmosphere fresher. The sitting area offers comfort to relax, overlooking a fireplace that promises warmth. This seat is very comfortable, inviting anyone to stop by, just chatting, enjoying the atmosphere or enjoying a meal with the whole family.

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