Modern Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

Modern Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

Having a new baby always interesting, no matter the first, second, or third baby. When welcoming a new member in our family, usually we prepare special thing, for example the baby bedroom. There are many ideas of baby bedroom design in different theme and style. And today, we will bring you some inspiration of baby girl bedroom. All are cute and sweet. Can’t be patient to see the design. OK, here they are.

1. Baby Girl Bedroom Curtains


When design a baby bedroom, the sunlight is important as natural light. But if too much, it will make the temperature of room rather hot and less the comfort. In this case, the use of curtain is one good solution. Beside as cover of light, the curtain also can use to decorate the room. On the picture, we can see a beautiful baby girl bedroom curtains. This baby girl bedroom display soft and girly theme. The curtains with two colors combination, in floral design and strips. It’s color look suite with the sofa. The flower wallpaper enhance the girl’s looks in this baby room design. A round table in the room center catch my attention. This item so cute, combined with turquoise chairs, and on the table, there is a pot of flower that beautify the space.

2. Baby Girl Bedroom Décor


Another inspiration of baby girl bedroom bring elegant and luxury look. The combination of grey and white dominating the baby girl bedroom décor. This baby room has large space and have a lot of natural light. The room around by grey wall, that balance the bright of white color. On the wall, hang some wall art, which make the room look more attractive. On the space next to the glass windows there is a sit area with a small round table and to white chairs. A white bookshelves elegantly stand on the room corner, display some decoration thing. A white baby box which is decorated with flower-shaped ornaments is the point in this room. Next to the baby box, a beautiful standing lamp perfect the appearance. A comfort, offer by a cozy white sofa and the rug that cover all the room.

3. Baby Girl Bedroom Furniture Ideas


It is one of my favorite. The decoration so cute and girly. The present of wooden material in this room design bring natural look and feel. The glass sliding door make the room bathed in sunlight during the day. This sliding door connect the bedroom and the balcony. The baby room has just enough space, not large, but also do not narrow. In this situation, the choice and the arrangement of furniture take important role. And here is one inspiration of baby girl bedroom furniture ideas. The baby bed in single size, paired with a bedside table. The backdrop is a white wall with sweet wall art. In front of baby bed there is a sit area with for funny chairs, around a small table.

4. Baby Girl Bedroom Furniture Set Ideas


Ok, let’s see another design for our baby girl. This baby girl bedroom furniture set ideas come for us with limited space for our baby room. Although small, one point which must be considered is the comfort. In this baby room design, be used a wooden baby box in dark brown color as the finishing. Above the baby box, hang a music toys in pink that soften the dark color of baby box in general look. The glass window in this baby room completed with a blind to protect the sunlight. Near the window sit a small bed to change the baby’s diaper. The wall have soft color, balance the dark tone from the baby girl bedroom furniture. As usual, a cozy sofa always present to offer a comfort when cradling a baby.

5. Baby Girl Bedroom Furniture Set Ideas


For modern inspiration, the post above show to us how to create it. It is a baby girl bedroom furniture set ideas. The bed do not use box anymore, but replaced by twin beds. Between the beds, there is a white side bed table, with stylish table lamp on it. This girl bedroom has simple furniture set, just contain of a twin bed with a side table bed. The bed in white color, with cozy headboard. On the bed, there is a red pillow that coloring the bedroom. On the grey wall stick heart and star shape, decorate the room, while as the lighting, perfectly hang a ceiling lamp. This girl bedroom design usually we meet in urban dwellings. Two framed glass windows serve a city view to us.

6. Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas


The next inspiration still dominated in white. The pink touch give girly nuance. This baby girl bedroom ideas designed for baby and her parents. The baby use white baby box, while the cozy bed with white bedcover can used for the parents. On the white wall decorated with gold polka-dotted that bring glamour look. The flower pattern light elegantly hang on the ceiling. Another lamp in this room is a brass lamp that suitable with the wall art, and on the room corner back of brown sofa stand an elegant lamp. To bring warmth to the room, the wooden floor selected for this baby bedroom, at the same time create a impressive contrast. As the storage, be used a simple drawers with a lot of space to keep many baby things. And a pink carpet make perfect this baby girl bedroom design.

7. Baby Girl Bedroom Purple Ideas Decorating

The next inspiration is for your baby girl that grow to teenager. This girl bedroom purple ideas decorating display modern look. The combination of white and purple create girly feel. This girl bedroom have a lot of light. One thing that draw my attention is the bed design. The bed completed with wheels, allow this bed can be moved easily. In front of bed firmly stand a cupboard still with purple touch. On the other side is study area, completed by a slim desk with blue top and purple drawer, in one tone with the wheel chair. On the white wall there is a unique bookshelves, also in purple color. This purple wall mounted bookshelves used to display the books collection and help to keep tidiness of the room. Overall, this girl bedroom design look cool with its simplicity.

8. Baby Girl Bedroom Wall-art


When we decorate a room, the first must be considered is who will occupy the room, what will be used for, what concepts and themes will be chosen, character of the room owner, and the last but most important is the determined budget. At this time we will discuss about baby girl bedroom décor, we narrow it down again about the baby girl bedroom wall-art. Decorate a baby girl room, can used various choices of wall-art. Usually wall-art that be used in the baby girl bedroom with animal theme, flower theme, princess of Disney, and other animation characters. On the picture, the designer displays animal theme to decorate the baby room. The white wall as the backdrop of wall-art. The type of animal chosen is one that has a cute and adorable character, consisting of cows, rabbits, donkeys, lambs, and chicks.

9. Baby Girl Bedroom


The next inspiration will bring us to America, especially to Mexico. Yes, this baby girl bedroom display Mexico theme decoration. The wall use peach color, suitable with the bedside table. The bedside is a clay craft, one of the things that reinforces the taste of Mexico in this girl bedroom. Beside the clay bedside table, the painting on the peach wall also invites us to Mexico. In this girl bedroom there are two bed in single size which are placed close together next to the glass windows. The glass windows completed with blinds to protect the sunlight in a day. A white bed lamp above the bed headboard, also participate in decorate the room. On the wall next to the bed, sticks some framed photography that make perfect the decoration.

10. Baby Girl Decorations Bedroom


The next design of baby girl bedroom is very adorable. So see this design, immediately looks cute and adorable face of a baby. And here is another baby girl decorations bedroom. This baby girl bedroom have cute and funny decoration idea with soft and light colors. The decoration in the form of air balloons with soft colors beautify the baby’s sleeping area. A white baby box in large size offer comfort for your baby. In front of bed there is a round table used to decorate the room and at the same time the gold color bring luxury feel to the space. a horse toys complete the baby room decoration. A white drawers be used to save baby things, while the white rug give a pattern to the décor with it’s blue lines. On the other side of room, a pot of green plan welcoming a nature feel to the room.

11. Bedroom for Baby Girl


If usually bedroom for baby girl use pink color, the next design show combination of white, grey, and purple. The pink color not exist here. The bedroom design in modern concept and decoration. One wall in grey color, and the other one use soft purple color. the combination of these two colors create a cute balance. The touch of white make perfect the look. Some decoration in different shape stick on the wall that complete the finish look of the room décor. The furniture in this baby girl bedroom is baby box and a single sofa. The baby box in dark grey color, placed on the room corner next to the window, while the sofa look so cozy in white cover. The carpet give pattern for the room.

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