Mid Century Modern Tv Stand For Adoable Living Space

Mid Century Modern Tv Stand For Adoable Living Space

Mid century design is growing very rapidly. We are spoiled by many design innovations from well-known designers. They never run out of ideas in their work. We can see various themes and styles in design magazines and online on the internet. On this occasion, I will discuss this, more specifically, the mid-century modern TV stand. You all must be familiar with this. And this post will bring you some tv stand design ideas that I hope will inspire you.

1. Brooklyn Height Mid Century Tv Stand Ideas

brooklyn heights mid century modern tv stand

This design has a cheerful and festive style. The yellow color emphasizes this. We can immediately feel the vibrant and bright atmosphere at the first impression seeing the decor of this living room. Brooklyn Height mid-century modern TV stand is a great choice that can blend into the decorating style of the room. A pair of colorful paintings flank a TV which is neatly affixed to a white wall. The white wall plays the role of a canvas that allows creativity to dance on its surface. A yellow cabinet stole the show and had a strong charm. The sitting area displays a combination of natural colors on the sofa and room rugs that soften the vibrant decorations in the entertainment area. Overall, the decor of this room creates a comfort wrapped in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

2. Mid Century Modern Furniture TV Stand Ideas

mid century modern furniture tv stand

When we have a simple room, to make it look attractive, the easy thing we can do is add something striking, such as this mid-century modern furniture TV stand. Besides functioning as a TV stand, we can also use this furniture as storage space in the living area, helping us to create a neat room. The gold color of the cabinet doors gives a luxurious touch to the decor of the room. This TV stand is the core of the room decoration. The color and style stole the show. The exposed brick wall provides an attractive backdrop, not seeming to blend together, but instead creates an unusual appeal. The wood material always manages to bring a warm and inviting feeling, while the greenery brings a natural atmosphere into the room.

3. Mid Century Modern Stand Ideas For TV

mid century modern stand for tv

Open space is a favorite of several people, including me. The open design makes a room brighter and the air circulation is smoother. However, to create a balance in the appearance of the decoration, we need a darker color for the interior of the room. We can choose black, brown, gray, or combine these colors. If we focus the decoration on the entertainment area, then we can use a dark color on the wall which will serve as a background for our television. For inspiration, this is a mid-century modern stand for TV. So that the decoration does not give the impression of being lonely and cold, we can add a piece of art, and several vases with pretty flowers. This room consists of a sitting area and a dining area. The dining area provides room for eight people, with black chairs surrounding a wooden rectangular table. The sitting area offers comfort, furnished with a soft sofa that invites you to lie down and enjoy your favorite television shows.

4. Diy Mid Century Modern TV Stand Ideas

mid century modern tv stand diy

The next is a mid-century modern DIY TV stand. This modern TV stand uses wood raw materials with a natural finish, featuring a simple design but still steals the attention. The storage space complements this TV stand, it can be used to store books, television remote and newspapers, so that the room will always look neat and clean. A large gray sofa offers a comfort that invites anyone to stop to sit or lie down to enjoy television shows and admire the natural beauty outside the room framed by glass walls. A pair of comfortable chairs promises another comfort in this area. Rugs with abstract patterns cover the floor of almost the entire room, perfecting the appearance of this living room decoration.

5. Mid Century Modern TV Stand Ideas Solid Wood

mid century modern tv stand solid wood

Wooden elements always manage to bring warmth into a room. The decor of a living room is usually made as comfortable as possible, with an intimate and inviting atmosphere. If you are a wood enthusiast, you can give it a try. This is a mid-century modern solid wood TV stand. The design of this living room is open, has lots of light and good air circulation. Several wooden objects occupy several spots in the room, having a strong charm that attracts attention. In the entertainment area, a TV stand made of solid wood also offers a fireplace that promises warmth. A soft sofa invites anyone to curl up in comfort. A coffee table with a glass countertop complements this sitting area, sitting beautifully on an attractive patterned rug. On the ceiling of the room, you can see polished wood that creates a warm and natural look.

6.Walnut Mid Century Modern TV stand Ideas

mid century modern tv stand walnut

We are still discussing the wood element in a living room. If previously it was solid wood, in this post we are shown a work with walnut wood. Walnut wood has an interesting natural motif. So a simple finish creates a dazzling look. This mid-century modern walnut TV stand has a light appearance so it can fit into any room. In this living room, the presence of walnuts can bring natural charm, which is reinforced by the presence of green plants that occupy one side of the room. A pair of single sofa wrapped in velvet fabric in brown matching the color of the TV stand and coffee table. The black marble walls provide an interesting contrast to the walnut TV stand while giving a luxurious touch to the room’s décor, while a shabby-style rug with its charm grabs the attention of visitors. An arc standing lamp is here to light the room, as well as taking its role in the final appearance of the room decoration.

7. Mid-Century Modern White TV Stand Ideas

mid century modern tv stand white

The white color gives a clean impression, but sometimes looks cold. To warm up the look, wooden elements can help. This is a living room featuring modern decor, with a mid-century modern white TV stand. The exposed white brick as a TV stand is able to bring a rustic charm to this modern decoration. A polished wooden plank brings a striking change to the final look of this TV stand, and can be used as a shelf for greenery and to place books. A fireplace ensures that whoever is here stays warm. A long sofa and a pair of single sofas invite to join in enjoying the intimacy created. A wooden coffee table complements this sitting area, while a side table with a glass countertop takes on the role of beautifying the room decor with an ornamental plant on top. The ceiling of the room is made of polished wood, looks just right, blends with the overall decor of the room.

8. Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Ideas

mid-century modern tv stand

In the next post, we are still spoiled by a predominantly white decoration. The white color is like a painting paper that allows us to be free to be creative and express our ideas. The exposed white brick wall provides an attractive backdrop for a Mid-century modern TV stand that also brings rustic charm to modern decor. The TV stand cabinet doors are white, featuring an interesting pattern that provides balance to the exposed brick wall. Two pots with greenery flank the TV stand, coloring the background and bringing a natural atmosphere into the room. The hardwood floors warm up to the cool look created by the white walls and doors of the TV stand cabinet. In the end, the decoration of this room produces a unity that is interrelated and complementary.

9. Portland Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Ideas

portland mid century modern corner tv stand

It is a Portland mid-century modern TV stand, featuring a vibrant orange color. Natural colored ceramics provide an attractive tone, and a fireplace fits snugly into place, serving as an element of decoration as well as enhancing the comfort of this room. A glass wall in one of the rooms frames a beautiful view on the outside, providing interesting entertainment for anyone who stops by. In the sitting area, a long sofa offers you a place to sit and lie down lazily. A side table provides a place to put drink glasses or snack jars, while in front of upholstered sofa sit a glass coffee table. The plaid rug gives a motif to the decor of the space, looking great with the wooden ceiling. Meanwhile, a recliner with stool offers another option to enjoy leisure time here.

10. Sonoma Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Ideas

sonoma mid century modern tv stand

The next post features a Sonoma mid-century modern TV stand. This is one of my favorites because it has a cool color mix, able to convey a warmth that’s hard to describe. If we look at a glance, there is nothing striking, everything seems ordinary but on the whole it looks unified, inviting, intimate and warm. Wooden elements dominate this room, the floor, bookshelves, TV stand, chairs, and coffee table. All wooden furniture with natural finish exudes undeniable charm. The sofa that complements the sitting area has the same color as the other furniture, as well as the color of the carpet. The blue-gray ceramic lining a spot in the room thwarts the dull look, creating a dazzling finish.

11. TV Stand Ideas of Mid-Century Modern

tv stand mid century modern
source image via houzz.com

The last one in this post features a modern mid-century TV stand. This modern living space combines luxurious and modern décor. The room is elongated, with whitewashed walls giving it a clean yet warm look. A medium sized rug together with an abstract painting give color to the room decor. Not too much furniture here, but promises comfort, consisting of a long sofa for sitting or lying down, a wooden coffee table with a triangular countertop, a white soft chair, and at the end of the room sits a modern fireplace. The room lighting is soft, creating a romantic atmosphere. A large television stoutly attached to one side of the room wall. Long wooden cabinet, provides plenty of storage space as well as plays a role in the decoration of the room.

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