Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is a private room where we are ourselves. The bedroom decoration reflects the personality of the owner of the room. Everything in this room is everything we love, from furniture and wall paint to the little things and decorating styles of the room. On this occasion, we will see some inspiration about mid-century bedroom design that we can use as a reference in creating our dream bedroom design.

1. Mid-century Modern Bedroom Bedding Ideas

mid century modern bedroom bedding ideas

The first inspiration was Mid-century Modern Bedroom Bedding Ideas. Seeing the color and decoration style of the room, this is suitable for boys or for those of you who like a masculine look in your bedroom decor. The color used is a combination of dark natural colors such as dark brown, black and wood colors. To balance it, white was chosen for the walls and curtains of the room. This bedroom has floor to ceiling glass windows that bring in abundant sunlight indoors during the day, while also framing outdoor views that can be enjoyed while curled up warmly on the bed under the covers. A soft chair on a dark brown carpet completes this room.

2. Mid-century Modern Bedroom Ceiling Light

mid century modern bedroom ceiling light

One of the things that we must pay attention to in the bedroom decoration is lighting. This is important because the bedroom is a place where we rest and enjoy our time. One of the ideas that we can see is a mid-century modern bedroom ceiling light. Has soft lighting, making the atmosphere romantic and comfortable. This lighting blends with the room’s design, which is dominated by warm brown colors. Ceiling light design is the right choice when we are awake in the bedroom, just reading a book or even completing a pending job. Its sleek look is perfect for a bed with simple, modern décor.

3. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Décor

For those of you who like simple and clean decorations, this will inspire you, a mid-century modern bedroom décor. What is striking in this room is only a painting attached to the back wall of the bed. This painting is able to make a room decoration look more attractive in its simplicity. The bed is made of wood with plain white bedding design. A pair of bedside cabinets flanking the bed, as an element of decoration as well as providing storage space for personal items to keep them neat and well organized. The gray carpet matches the headboard of the bed, looking right in this bedroom.


4. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas

mid century modern bedroom decorating ideas

Still playing with natural colors, but this one features soft colors. Here are mid-century modern bedroom decoration ideas. This bedroom decoration can be used for all ages and genders. All furniture is custom, so it looks neat and compact, consisting of a king sized bed, flanked by floor to ceiling bookshelves. The bookshelves provides a lot of space to display book collections, and artwork. A pair of light sleepers on the left and right side of the bed. The background of a plain bed without a headboard is in line with the walls of the room. Wooden floors were chosen to produce a more natural look.

5. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Furniture Set

mid century modern bedroom furniture set

Now we see a mid-century bedroom furniture set consisting of a bed and a wardrobe. The wardrobe stands proudly from floor to ceiling on one side of the room. A few steps from the wardrobe sits a king sized bed as the focal point of this bedroom. Both are made of light wood with a natural finish, making them appear simple yet elegant. The bed headboard is designed to be used to store small items because this furniture set does not include a bedside table. The wooden floor is chosen in a dark color so that the room decoration looks more alive. A beautiful pasted painting adorns the white walls while the glass windows frame the beautiful scenery outside the room and when the daytime brings in the sunshine floods this bedroom.

6. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

mid century modern bedroom furniture

If you are looking for furniture design inspiration for a bedroom that offers both comfort and elegance, you can look at the following mid-century modern bedroom furniture. Furniture consists of a bed with a bed stool, a pair of bedside cabinets, a pair of chairs, a glass table, a rectangular wooden table, and a carpet. The bed is white with an upholstered headboard that looks elegant. A pair of bedside cabinets provide perches for a pair of table lamps. In the sitting area, upholstered chairs offer comfort, flanking a round table with beautiful orchids on top. A striped carpet lay on the wooden floor, looking so smooth and soft. The entire wall surface of the bedroom displays the wallpaper that layers it beautifully. And a framed painting complements the decor of this bedroom.

7. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom ideas

mid century modern bedroom ideas

Here is another mid-century modern bedroom ideas. The gray painted walls give a modern impression. A white desk sitting on one side of the bed is equipped with an upholstered chair, providing a place to read or finish work. A mirror attaches to the wall beautifully, acts as a decoration item and can give the impression of more space to this bedroom space. King sized bed, featuring an upholstered headboard that makes it look elegant and luxurious. An abstract painting beautifies a room in its way. The crisp white curtains along with the white bed linen and the white desk reinforce the modern feel and provide an interesting contrast to the gray walls.


8. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Lamp

mid century modern bedroom lamps

Room lighting is part of the decoration, in addition to its main function of lighting up the room. For a bedroom, it should have two types of lighting, one when we are awake and the other when we are resting. Let’s take a look at this mid-century modern bedroom lamp. Bright lights when sitting reading or finishing work can use a ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp has a neat appearance that gives a modern design impression. Looks simple, but interesting. For a light sleeper, we can consider the type of table lamp as an option. Here, a pair of bedside table lamps sits beautifully on top of the bed side cabinets that flank a wooden bed.

9. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Lighting

We are still talking about bedroom lighting. This is mid-century modern bedroom lighting. The lighting during the day comes from sunlight shining in from the large glass windows that fill almost the entire wall of the room. For lighting at night or when the sunlight is dim, there are two types of lights, namely ceiling lamps and table lamps. The table lamp which sits beautifully on the bedside table has an attractive design with a luxurious appearance. The lighting in this bedroom is dim, inviting to rest and enjoy the view of the night sky, framed beautifully by framed glass windows.


10. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Set

mid century modern bedroom set

The next post is for you who love luxury design for your bedroom. This bedroom shows off a mid-century modern bedroom set. The backdrop of the bed is a foam wrapped in synthetic leather, giving it a luxurious and modern look. This backdrop is also one of the charms of this bedroom, which further emphasizes the luxurious impression. The king-size bed is silver in color, looks harmonious with the carpet that covers almost the entire floor of the room. A pair of bedside tables made of wood supports a pair of table lamps that act as lighting for this room. A white bed stool looks elegant in front of the bed. On the white wall, there is a painting that gives color to this bedroom.

11. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Sets.

mid century modern master bedroom

We turn to bedroom designs that have feminine decorations. Here we can see a mid-century modern bedroom set consisting of a bed, bed side table, and chairs. This bed has a classic, elegant design. The clean white bedcover with the embossed ball pattern gives a feminine touch to the room decor.  A table lamp with a blue covering gives the room its color. The presence of green plants is very fitting, making the bedroom atmosphere fresher and more alive. Beautifully patterned rugs enhance the final look of this bedroom decor.

12. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Suite

mid-century modern bedroom
This mid-century modern bedroom suite has a lot of natural light at day and well air circulation. Showing off a modern design that prioritizes comfort, this bedroom design is a crowd favorite. A glass sliding door connects the room with a terrace overlooking a beautiful view. This amazing view can also be enjoyed from indoors while lying on the upholstered bed or sitting in the corner of the room with a pair of chairs next to the large glass window. The bedcover used is the best choice, with a black and white checkered pattern that gives both color to the room decor. A pair of table lamps stands majestically on top of the bed side cabinets, serving as lighting and decorating this bedroom. Potted greenery makes the atmosphere fresher.


13. Mid-Century Modern Furniture Bedroom set

mid-century modern bedroom furniture

When we have a bedroom that is not large, then we must be clever in determining the furniture we will use. Mid-century modern bedroom furniture sets are a smart choice. This bedroom furniture set consists of an upholstered bed, two bedside tables and a pair of bedroom lamps. Two framed paintings stick beautifully on the white walls of the room, decorating and giving color to the decorations. Likewise with a pair of blue pillows on the bed, offering comfort as well as acting as an element of decoration. A Turkish rug covers the entire floor surface of the room, gives a tone to the decor of the room, and the wood material brings warmth into the room.

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