Long Desk Design for Modern Work Rooms

diy long desk

A work desk in a working room is the most important thing. Together with a work chair, a work desk can shape the mood and create inspiration throughout a busy day. During this time, a work desk not only serves as its main function, but also has a stake in shaping the final appearance of a workspace’s decor. For these reasons, the work table design continues to evolve. And for this post, we bring some long desk design for modern work rooms.

1. DIY long desk

diy long desk

For you lovers of DIY items, this first workbench design is special for you. This is a DIY long desk for your workspace that has an elongated shape. This workbench concept is nature friendly, made of wood with a natural suffix. The table extends to one side of the room, can accommodate three to four people to work. On the other side of the room there is a sitting area that offers two people to discuss while enjoying the view on the lower floor of the room.

2. Extra Long Desk

extra long desk

For those of you who need an extra long desk, hopefully this can inspire you. This long desk is L-shaped, made of light wood. Some cabinets and drawers complement this work desk, offering enough storage space to ensure that the work area always looks neat and clean. This L-shaped desk can accommodate three people working together. A large painting is mounted on the wall of the room, while giving color to this workspace.

3. Long Black Computer Desk

long black computer desk
The next design showcases elegance with a feminine look, combining dark and light colors, producing attractive color contrasts. Beautiful flowers on the work table and the presence of pink in the room further strengthens the feminine look of the decor. Two work chairs complement this long black computer desk, offering a comfortable working environment.

4. Long Computer Desk

long computer desk table

Sometimes the work must be done at home. If we are working from home, to create enthusiasm like in the office, then the thing we need to do is create a work atmosphere at home as comfortable as possible. We can decorate the workspace at home according to our needs and interests. And this is one of the workspace designs at home that might inspire you. This office combines white and green colors that look refreshing. A set of long computer desks complete the work area along with two modern wheeled work chairs.

5. L-shaped Computer Desk

long computer desk
A comfortable work environment will keep ideas coming up, making us think more creatively and innovatively. For this reason, attractive workspace design and decoration take an important role. Working space does not have to be spacious. The most important thing is clever arrangement. If your work space accommodates more than one person, L-shaped computer desk I think is the right choice. This type of work table can occupy one side of the room, so that the center of the room can be a comfortable sitting area.

6. Long Corner Desk

long corner desk

It is not impossible to create a comfortable workspace in a narrow room. Selection of the right furniture and decorations can make that dream come true. You can choose a long corner desk with lots of drawers and shelves as storage space. Long corner desk can occupy the edge of the room so that the middle area of the room can be used for other things. A chandelier brings a classic vibe to the room. Large glass windows are very useful, when daylight can invite lots of sunlight.

7. Long Desk Lamp

long desk lamp

If you are looking for ideas about a work lamp, here is one of the references. This is a long desk lamp. This lamp is golden so it automatically gives a touch of luxury into the decor of the room. So the presence of a work lamp is not only as a lighting tool, but also a decoration item. So, if you want to create a workspace with luxurious decorations, the easiest way is to bring gold into your room. This work room can accommodate two people, share a long desk and shelves. Two work chairs offer a comfortable sit, while a single sofa invite you to rest and relax during work.

8. Long Desk With Drawer

long desk with drawers

A comfortable work space is a clean and neat room. This is very important to create creativity and enthusiasm for work. Therefore, we must be good at organizing our goods. One thing we can do is choose a long desk with drawer. With sufficient drawers available, it allows us to store pens, paper, pencils, rulers and other equipment in them, thus minimizing using the work surface to place our small items.

9. Long Desk With Storage

long desk with storage

If you are the type of person who needs a large space to work and have a lot of things, then the best choice for you is a long desk with storage. In this post, a white work chair on wheels completes this cool desk. A touch of wood with a natural suffix gives a warm impression to the decoration of this workspace. Some plants present refreshing the space, making the atmosphere greener and vibrant.

10. Long Floating Desk

long floating desk

This is one of my favorite workspace designs. Featuring clean and neat decoration, simple but classy. There aren’t many disturbing objects in this workspace. All are important things and they should be. Does not have abundant space, but looks spacious. The furniture used is made of wood with features, consisting of a long cabinet, long floating desk and floating shelves. A white chair with its simplicity completes this workspace.

11. Long Glass Desk

long glass desk

Now is woman time. The next design features an elegant feminine decoration. Soft work chairs with attractive patterns offer security at work. This chair is equipped with wheels that allow it to move easily when it will reach other areas that are some distance away. A long glass desk provides a spacious place to work, while a chandelier hanging gracefully adds to the feminine vibe in this work area. As a storage room for your belongings, shelves and drawers are available.

12. Long L-shaped Desk

long l shaped desk

Having a workspace overlooking a beautiful view might be the dream of many people. This can be entertainment in the midst of heavy work and can reduce fatigue. For workspace like this, a large glass window can help make it happen. And as a work desk, a long L-shaped desk is the best choice. To keep the room looking neat, we should avoid putting our work needs on the table. The drawers that complement the work desk will help us as storage space.

13. Long Modern Desk

long modern desk

White has a clean impression, and this color gives a broader impression to a room. So, if we have a limited workspace, white is the most appropriate choice. In addition, the white room gives a modern look. The choice of furniture for a narrow workspace must be strictly appropriate. A white long modern desk can sit in your office. To further emphasize the look of a modern decor, you can choose a wheeled work chair. As a storage room for your documents and belongings, a long shelves offers everything you need.

14. Long Narrow Desk

long narrow desk

Bringing a personal collection to the workspace will make us more excited. When tired of working, we can see for a moment our collection, which can further enhance our creativity. For this purpose, we need space to display our collections. But it will be a little inconvenient if our work space is narrow. We have to be really good at managing our workspace to stay comfortable at work. As a work desk, we should choose a long narrow desk. There are several reasons for this. Work table models like this do not require a lot of space, but can give us ample space to work. And to display our collections, a stacking shelf above the wall is a smart choice. With this, the space in the middle of the room is still free to use.

15. Long Office Desk

long office desk

A long office desk is always satisfying for a work space that has limited area. This work table clings to the wall, occupying the edge of the room, so that a lot of space is left and does not interfere with movement in the workspace. In the picture, this work table is made of wood which creates a warm and inviting impression. Offers a comfortable work space for two people, equipped with drawers to store your documents and belongings. Several framed art pieces adorn the walls of the room, making the decoration more lively and attractive.

16. Long Skinny Desk

long skinny desk

It is a long skinny desk. This work desk comes in a package with bookshelves and cabinets. All made of wood, making this room look warm and comfortable. Workspace design like this does not require a lot of space, you can place it in the corner of a room. To add life to the decoration, add a few small plants. A simple wooden chair looks suitable here. And as a finishing touch to the decoration, invite some art decorations here.

17. Long Study Desk for Bedroom

long table desk

This is a bedroom that also functions as a workspace. Most of us design like that. Unite our rest room with study or work space. With an attractive decoration, this will be fun. After tired of working or studying, we can lie down for a while to let go of burnout. For this post, the workspace is under the bed which is one level higher. Study room showcases a long study desk for bedroom. This room has a masculine design, combining white, gray and dark blue. The touch of orange makes the decoration look more attractive.

18. Long White Desk With Drawers

long white desk with drawers

Next is still discussing the workspace in the bedroom, and still showing off the masculine design. The white color dominates this room, and the black color on the floor gives an amazing contrast. The work area occupies the entire area along the space next to the window. Here, sit a long white desk with drawers, which provides ample room for work. The available drawers are ready to keep this area neat and clean. A white work chair with wheels is complete this work area.

19. Long White Desk

long white desk

When we have a partner, it would be nice if we can always discuss everything together. So, it will be easier if we are in one location. For this reason, our work space must be able to accommodate us and our colleagues. Therefore, a long white desk like the one in the picture is the right choice for that purpose. This long work desk offers enough space for two people to work together. On the wall, there is a cabinet that can be used as a storage room so that the surface of the table remains clean. Each area has a work light, and two wheeled work chairs perfect this work area.

20. Long Wooden Desk

long wooden desk

Some of us like furniture that comes from wood. And this is one of the references for those of you who want a long wooden desk for your workspace. The presence of wooden furniture has always succeeded in creating a warm decoration of a room, including work space. At the end of this wooden table are drawers for your things. On the table, there is a collated document keeper that we can use so that the surface of the table is not messy. This long work table can accommodate two to three people. And the sleek design chair brings a modern impression to this working room.

21. Simple Long Desk

simple long desk
source image via houzz.com

When you have a lot of important items in your workspace, then you must choose a work desk design that has lots of drawers and you have to prepare shelves so that your workspace remains comfortable and looks neat. A simple long desk you might consider. This work desk has plenty of storage space and offers a modern and simple design. The slim model does not require much space. A wheelchair can complete it. And on the work table you can put a silver work lamp with an attractive design that can make the decoration of your workspace look more awesome.

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