Inspiration Of DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Inspiration Of DIY Plant Stand Ideas

This is a DIY wooden plant stand. As the name implies, this plant stand is made of wood. The design is very simple and easy to make. You only need a little wood as the legs. You can also use the remaining wood, cut in lengths in the amount of four pieces. If in the picture, these wooden legs appear natural. If you don’t like it, you can paint the wood with the color you like. Or you can also polish it so that it will still look natural in the finish. This wood plant stand can be made in several levels so that you can fill more than one green plant, but try not to be too high because it will make it difficult for you when you water the plants and can also be dangerous if it is too high.

12. Plant stand DIY

Do you need inspiration of plant stand DIY? Here is special for you. The combination of yellow, brown and green is really refreshing. The brown color matches the color of the room’s floor, and the yellow color matches the color of the rocking chair next to it. The combination of these colors is uplifting, but at the same time looks very natural. The design and decoration of this room is actually ordinary, nothing special. But because the presence of green plants in yellow pots make this room look more alive and pleasant. That is one of the impacts produced only by the addition of green plants into the room.

13. Wood plant stand diy

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The last inspiration is still with wood raw materials. This is a DIY wood plant stand. Always interesting all things made from wood especially if the concept of home design is nature friendly. Whatever the final appearance of wood, it will still bring a sense of nature to the surroundings. This wood plant stand can fill the corner of your room. Look at the final appearance after you add green plants with this wood plant. The corner of your room will definitely steal the attention. This little touch can change the look of your room decor. Sometimes we forget the little things like this and actually think complicated. Though quite easy and simple. This idea is perfect when you want to bring a touch of nature into your home. The combination of wood and green plants is the most fitting and irreplaceable.

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