Inspiration of Diy Plant Ideas

In a house, indoor and outdoor is a unity. Indoor identic with the place to do a daily activity start from sleep, eat, work, and other. While outdoor more to nature. When design an indoor decoration, sometimes bring nature feel from outdoor will increase the comfort. One simple way to bring nature feel in to the house is by placed a green plant to the room. Are you agree? Lets see some inspiration of diy plant ideas.

1. outdoor plant ideas

outdoor plant ideas
We will start from outdoor plant ideas. A house with green outdoor is always looks fresh and calming. The home design is simple in white and grey roof with chimney. That make this house attractive is it’s terrace and the garden. I can imagine, when tired after work, we can sit on that wooden chair under the white standing umbrella while enjoy a cup of coffee and sweet snack. Our stressful day will be forgotten by looking at the green of the yard with our pets running around there. A fresh air will enter and fill our lungs. This is a happy thing, right? The garden in this style can placed in front or back of our house. This garden dominate by green plant which grows freely but still looks neat and beautiful. It’s really inspiring me.

2. Beach style living room

. Beach style living room
Nature always inspiring us in every room design, start from the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, to the bathroom. In the next post the designer bring beach feel to the living room. This beach style living room have a lot of sunlight at a day. The white wall brighten the room. We can catch natural feel from the presence of wooden blocks on the ceiling and a pot of beautiful flower on the table. This living room have good air circulation, and the glass windows allow displays an outdoor view. On the wall there is a work of art that plays a role in decorating the room, and also coloring the room. A white sofa set with a lot of pillows really look comfortable, while the brown single sofa give cool contrast.

3. Contemporary Patio Outdoor Diy Plant Ideas

contemporary outdoo plant in patio
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The next project is contemporary patio. This fascinate patio have open air, make the space feel fresh and give large impression. There are some sit area here, indoor and outdoor space, although both of them are connected. The indoor space furnished with a set of white sofa and a square coffee table. Move to outdoor space, thick of nature feel. Some pots of green plants decorate the space and at the same time freshness this lovely patio. On the left side, a lounge invites us to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, while another side a white table surrounded by four chairs that are very comfortable if used as a outdoor dining area. The floor use wooden material which further strengthens the natural charm in this area,

4. Corner DIY plant stand Ideas

diy corner plant stand
I really admire the following idea. It turned out that a space that was thought to be useless could be utilized and produced an extraordinary final appearance. I admit this is a smart idea. It would be very different in the appearance of this space if left alone without being filled with something interesting. Yes, it is DIY corner plant stand. It is something very simple, a clay pot with greenery in the corner of the room. But try to look at that space now. Looks interesting, and looks fresh. The presence of a green plant is always refreshing atmosphere, changing something barren into cool.

5. Midcentury DIY plant Ideas

diy mid century plant stand
I am the type of person who is lazy and not painstaking if I have to take care of ornamental plants. Plants are living things that need water, fertilizer, sunlight, and care. That is one of the obstacles if I will maintain ornamental plants at home. How about you? But maybe there is one solution for us, namely to choose the type of plant that is easy and uncomplicated, which does not require painstaking daily maintenance. On the picture, that is DIY midcentury plant stand. This type of plant can be placed indoors or outdoors. Green plants in clay pots immediately bring a fresh natural atmosphere to the room. In the space of our home, this will refresh the decor.

6. Outdoor DIY Plant Ideas

diy outdoor plant stand ideas
When spring and summer come, enjoying outdoor activities will always be a fun activity. It would be more perfect if we had a comfortable terrace with views of the green and fresh surrounding. Like on the picture above, we are treated to something fun, a cozy outdoor sit area with DIY outdoor plant ideas. In the sitting area selected furniture from rattan. This is the best choice because rattan is weather-resistant, so it doesn’t matter if it is placed outdoors. For added comfort, this rattan wicker chair is equipped with a soft cushion and several pillows. A square coffee table comes with this rattan wicker sofa. A sitting area with comfy sofa, delicious snacks, and gorgeous surrounding scenery are something that is missed during the summer holidays.

7. Wooden Privacy Screen DIY Plant Ideas

diy plant stand ideas
Ok, the next inspiration is DIY outdoor plant stand. The plant stand made of wooden material. So the combination of wood and green plant for sure look fresh and natural. Someone who likes nature must be very interested in this design. The existence of this DIY outdoor plant stand in really decorate the space. On the next of this DIY plant stand there is a pond with a unique but cool design. The natural atmosphere really dominates this area. Anyone will feel comfortable and at home here. Something soothing to be here after a stressful busyness. When likened, this is an oasis in the middle of the wasteland.

8. Simple DIY Plant Stand Ideas

diy tall plant stand
Bringing greenery into the room of our house will add fresh room decoration. Whatever type of plant it is, its presence is always refreshing. Do you still doubt that? Try it now, and this is one of the ideas that you can inspire, a DIY plant stand ideas. This DIY plant stand has a simple design but look great stand next to the window. If on the picture the DIY plant stand contains of 3 levels, but you can adjust to your need. You also can innovate the design. So that the presence of these plants is not just a room decoration that refreshes the atmosphere, you can replace the plants with plants that are useful for you such as chili, eggplant, leeks, or tomatoes. So you will get a double benefit. What is your opinion?

9. DIY tiered plant stand

diy tiered plant stand
It turns out that the presence of plants in a room gives a big impact. Try to notice the picture above. How different the look of this room is after there is a DIY tiered plant stand on the side table next to the sofa. The room that originally looked formal, cold, and boring turned into a room that was more attractive and warm after the presence of plants as decoration. Really cool right? We might be able to take inspiration from this idea. Let’s look at the room in our house that looks boring, we try to put plants into it. You can imagine, how it will change the final appearance of our room.

10. Wooden DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Living in urban areas sometimes makes us feel we don’t have enough land to bring green plants around us. In fact, the greenness of plants is one of the things that can improve our mood, refresh the mind after a busy life, and reduce our stress levels on daily activities. And this post is enough to inspire me to solve the problem. This is a DIY wood plant stand. This can be placed in the balcony, terrace, roof, or sitting room in your home. The size you can adjust to the area of space you have. Because it is made from wood, the natural weather will be really thick in this area. This wood plant stand can placed indoor or outdoor. Choose the type of plant that is easy to care for.

11. DIY wooden plant stand Ideas

diy wooden plant stand
Are you still looking for ideas to put plants in the room? The following post might help you find ideas. This is a DIY wooden plant stand. As the name implies, this plant stand is made of wood. The design is very simple and easy to make. You only need a little wood as the legs. You can also use the remaining wood, cut in lengths in the amount of four pieces. If in the picture, these wooden legs appear natural. If you don’t like it, you can paint the wood with the color you like. Or you can also polish it so that it will still look natural in the finish. This wood plant stand can be made in several levels so that you can fill more than one green plant, but try not to be too high because it will make it difficult for you when you water the plants and can also be dangerous if it is too high.

12. Yellow Pot Indoor Diy Plant Ideas

plant stand diy
Do you need inspiration of plant stand DIY? Here is special for you. The combination of yellow, brown and green is really refreshing. The brown color matches the color of the room’s floor, and the yellow color matches the color of the rocking chair next to it. The combination of these colors is uplifting, but at the same time looks very natural. The design and decoration of this room is actually ordinary, nothing special. But because the presence of green plants in yellow pots make this room look more alive and pleasant. That is one of the impacts produced only by the addition of green plants into the room.

13. Corne Diy Plant Stand Ideas


wood plant stand diy
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The last inspiration is still with wood raw materials. This is a DIY wood plant stand. Always interesting all things made from wood especially if the concept of home design is nature friendly. Whatever the final appearance of wood, it will still bring a sense of nature to the surroundings. This wood plant stand can fill the corner of your room. Look at the final appearance after you add green plants with this wood plant. The corner of your room will definitely steal the attention. This little touch can change the look of your room decor. Sometimes we forget the little things like this and actually think complicated. Though quite easy and simple. This idea is perfect when you want to bring a touch of nature into your home. The combination of wood and green plants is the most fitting and irreplaceable.

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