Innovative Corner Wall Shelf For Gorgeous Space

Innovative Corner Wall Shelf For Gorgeous Space

The existence of a wall shelf in our house for bathroom, bedroom, livingroom and our kitchen is a common thing we encounter. A wall shelf not only serves as a storage area for toiletries, Television, and our private things but also has a role in decoration. Wall shelf designs come in various sizes and models, so we can choose according to our room design. With the right selection, in addition to getting a storage area, we will get many bonuses including awesome decorations, attractive final appearance and creating a beautiful space. Here are some wall shelf inspirations that you can use as a reference for your room in the house.

1. Bathroom corner wall shelf

bathroom corner wall shelf

The first inspiration came from a modern bathroom with white dominating the room. For a bathroom, this room has a large area. The white color further gives the impression of this bathroom area. For storage space, the designer chose a bathroom corner wall shelf. The built-in corner wall shelf makes the modern impression even thicker. This bathroom corner wall shelf consists of four storage rooms that can be used to separately place all your bathing needs so that it will look clean and tidy.

2. Corner TV wall shelf

corner tv wall shelf

Some people like to equip their bedroom with a television. So that the presence of television can beautify our bedroom, we need a corner TV wall shelf. By adding this, our rest room television I is not only a comfort object, but also has a role in the decoration of our bedroom. There are various designs and shapes of the wall shelf. We just need to be smart in choosing it, so that it will produce a cool final look. This modern bedroom is furnished with a pair of beds flanked by a bedside cabinet that supports a table lamp. On the bed headboard, hang two paintings beautifully and give a motif to the dark brown walls. This bedroom is elongated in shape, and is equipped with a sitting area on a balcony overlooking the beautiful view on the outside.

3. Corner Wall Mount Shelf

corner wall mount shelf

Next, we will look at the inspiration for a corner wall mount shelf in a classic bathroom. This bathroom presents an elegant decoration that is not excessive, has a large enough area and is rich in sunlight. Natural colors with dark and light tones side by side create a gorgeous mix that will steal the show. A bath tub with legs adds a classic impression to this bathroom decor. On the other hand, we find a pair of bathroom sinks that are supported by a cabinet with lots of drawers for storage. On the white wall is attached a wall mount shelf that complements the look of this bathroom decor. A glass partition forms the bath area which gives it a modern touch.

4. Corner Wall Mounted Shelf

corner wall mounted shelf

We’re still in the bathroom area. Apart from being used as a storage area for toiletries, a corner wall mounted shelf can also provide other functions, one of which we can use as a place to display decorations in the form of works of art or we can also use them to put ornamental plants that can bring natural charm to the inside, so that our bathroom can appear more attractive and attractive. By adding a few elements, a bathroom decor that seems ordinary and boring turns into an area that stole the show. This bathroom has a simple décor, with a pair of mirrors attached to the white wall. A bathroom cabinet brings along a pair of bathroom sinks and provides storage space with wooden elements dominating it.

5. corner wall shelf unit

corner wall shelf unit

If you are one of those types of people who feel safe and comfortable when you have a large stock of foodstuffs in your home, then you need sufficient storage space and good storage techniques to maintain the quality of your food ingredients and also to keep things tidy at home. you. Problems will arise if you have limited space. So you should try this corner wall shelf unit idea. Because it has a wall-mounted design, this shelf model doesn’t take up much space. You can choose the materials used according to your wishes, and the design and the amount of space you can adjust according to your needs. With this corner wall shelf design, you can still have stock of foodstuffs in your home without being hindered by the limited storage space available.

6. Corner zigzag wall shelf in kids bedroom

corner zig zag wall shelf in kids bedroom
When decorating a child’s bedroom, the things that must be present are cheerful, colorful, and playful. Children will do most of their activities in the bedroom, resting, playing and studying. In order to make it possible to carry out all these activities in a child’s bedroom, we must be smart in designing and decorating a child’s bedroom. One of the pieces of furniture that is mandatory besides the bed is a bookshelf. A corner zigzag wall shelf you can consider. The design is playful in accordance with the concept of a child’s bedroom decor. In addition to providing space to store books to make them look rap, a corner zigzag wall shelf in the kid’s bedroom also has a role in room decoration, giving patterns to the bedroom walls. The lime green color on the study table and bedside table refreshes the appearance of the room decor.


7. Large Corner Wall mount Shelf

large corner wall mount shelf

This is a large corner wall mount shelf, for those of you who need a lot of space to store reading books in the den, and to display photos, artwork, and other decorations to decorate the room. As inspiration, in this post we look at a workspace with warm decorations, featuring natural colors dominated by wood. The storage space consists of cabinets and shelves which are all made of wood. Shelf color matches the table legs and chair frame. The floor of the room is also made of wood, adding to the warm atmosphere of this workspace. Two windows are completed with curtains with attractive motifs, giving a beautiful pattern to the decoration, while in the work area lies a gray carpet that enhances the comfort of this room.

8. Mediteranian Corner Wall Mount TV Stand With Shelf

mediteranian corner wall mount tv stand with shelf

We turn to the living room of a Mediterranean dwelling. Television has become mandatory for a living room. Currently, apart from functioning as an entertainment tool, television also has a role in decorating the room so that we cannot just put the television in the living room. We must be creative in determining where to place the television. Here we see a Mediterranean corner wall mount shelf TV stand with shelf. Television is the center of this wall shelf, surrounded by shelves displaying a collection of books. At the bottom there is a cabinet that offers alternative storage to keep the room neat. The corner mount wall shelf color matches the sofa in the sitting area. On the ceiling of the room, wooden beams look solid but bring warmth into the room.

9. Shower Wall Corner Shelf

shower wall corner shelf

The next inspiration came from a modern bathroom featuring a shower wall corner shelf as a storage area for toiletries. This bathroom has a masculine nuance, showing off a black and white color combination. Solid monochrome design with a modern atmosphere. The decor looks simple but the impression of being expensive and luxurious cannot be ignored. A white bath tub with a glass partition as an insulation. The lighting chosen was a ceiling lamp that emphasized the modern decoration style. This bathroom design is suitable for an apartment, or a house for those of you who are single.

10. Traditional Bathroom Wall Shelf

traditional bathroom wall shelf
Even though we live in modern times, the traditional decorations still have charm. If you are someone who likes traditional designs, here you can make an inspiration in designing your bathroom. Here the designer uses natural colors consisting of white, gray, and cream. The black color on the floor of the room provides an interesting contrast to the overall appearance of the decor. To create a traditional atmosphere easily, we only need to present a traditional bathroom wall shelf. We must avoid flashy colors. Another thing that can support the decor is a footed bath tub that sits gracefully in one of the rooms facing a large window that frames the outside view.


11. Wall Mount Shelf For Modern Bathroom

Wall Mount Shelf For Modern Bathroom

We are still discussing the wall mount shelf for modern bathroom. This bathroom is quite spacious, featuring a luxurious modern design, combining neutral colors in its decor. There are three areas in this room, namely the shower area, the soaking area and the dry area. The dry area consists of a vanity bathroom with twin sinks. A pair of framed mirrors flank a wall lamp. A wall shelf completes the bath area, providing clean towels ready to use. White orchids are present to beautify the room, bringing natural charm into perfecting the appearance of the decoration. The glass partition defines the bathroom space, and gives it a modern look.


12. Wall Corner Shelf

wall corner shelf

We can find lots of inspiration for bathroom decor. For those of you who like classic and elegant designs, this is one of them. This bathroom is spacious, and wood materials dominate the decor of the room. Natural colors make for a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. The walls and ceiling of the bathroom feature white painted wood slabs to match the bathroom cabinet. A wall corner shelf looks neat, displaying towels and toiletries. Anyone cannot deny that the presence of a bathtub in one of these bathroom areas brings the charm of a classic yet elegant design. The combination of black and white in the bathtub creates an interesting blend with natural colors on the bathroom floor.


13. Wall Mounted Corner Shelf Unit

wall mounted corner shelf unit

For book lovers, having a large collection is a joy. Problems will arise if we don’t have enough space to store them. Not only does it look messy, but it will also damage our collection of books if not stored properly. Here are some ideas that you can apply at home. The design is so simple but looks modern and fits perfectly in any space. Because it is attached to the wall of the room, this wall mounted corner shelf unit does not take up much space. Any number of books will be maintained and neatly arranged. Apart from having a function as a storage area, this wall mounted shelf can fill the decoration requirements in a house hallway that connects between rooms.

14. Wall mounted Corner Shelf

wall mounted corner shelf

Still with the wall mounted corner shelf idea, this time we head to the dining room. This shelf design is flexible, can be installed anywhere and is used to display anything. We can also make our own using unused wooden planks. In this post we see a kitchen with a kitchen island as a vocal point in the middle of the room, offering space to enjoy food, snacks, coffee or tea and just sit while chatting. Wooden elements dominate, creating a warm and inviting décor. The kitchen cabinet design provides plenty of space for storage, while the wall mounted corner shelf displays the small, everyday bowls and cups. What a lovely kitchen design.

15. White Corner Shelf in Bathroom

white corner shelf in bathroom

One of the fun things when you have free time is soaking in warm water to relieve fatigue after various activities. Creating a comfortable space to make it a priority. I love the large bathtub next to the large glass windows that frame the beautiful outdoor scenery. Just the thought of having it makes me smile. Another thing we need to pay attention to for the comfort of this area is the storage area for towels and toiletries, which are easy to reach, but still look neat and beautiful. One of the references is a white corner shelf in the bathroom below. And to complement the appearance of the decoration, spread a beautiful carpet on the floor next to our bathtub.

16. Wooden Corner Shelf

white corner shelf

This space design is so warm and cozy. Even though it is narrow, this room can contain everything you need, and still looks neat because of a wooden corner shelf. This corner shelf design is suitable for rooms with limited areas because it is attached to the wall so that it does not require much space but is able to provide lots of storage space, consisting of shelves and drawers. The raw material for the corner shelf is light wood with a natural ending. An L-shaped sofa complements the comfort, inviting us to lie down while reading a book or enjoying television shows. A beautiful round coffee table sits on the carpet that covers almost the entire floor of the room. And in the corner of the room, stands a plant that can bring natural nuances into the room.


17. Wooden Corner Wall Shelf

wooden corner wall shelf

For those of you who don’t like a lot of furniture for your bedroom, here is an inspiration for you. In this bedroom we only see a large wooden divan that looks comfortable with warm bedding, flanked by a wall mounted bedside cabinet with the same color as the bed. In one corner of the room there is a wooden corner wall shelf that is used to store personal items so that they are neatly organized. Even though it has a simple design and decoration, this bedroom offers comfort and a soothing beautiful view on the outdoor side, beautifully framed by large glass windows.

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