Incredible Coffee Bar Table Design Ideas For Bar

Incredible Coffee Bar Table Design Ideas For Bar

 1. Coffee Bar Table Ideas

bar coffee table Ideas

Having an area at home for your favorite drinks and snacks is an idea that evokes the mood and a sense of pleasure. This allows us to enjoy “me” time without having to leave the house. We only need to design this area in such a way as to create a cozy appearance like in a famous cafe or coffee shop. We need bar coffee table ideas, and here is one of them. Occupying an open, well-ventilated space that frames the refreshing scenery outdoors makes it look like a painting that naturally creates a fresh look. Wooden floors line the entire floor of the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to stop by. The bar coffee table occupies the end of the room, with a dark gray color and displays an L shape. Four bar stools complete this coffee table, sitting in rows on the front side. Meanwhile, four green upholstered chairs give color here, as if they were leaves attached to the wooden branches of a large tree.


2. Classic Coffee Bar Table Ideas

classic coffee table bar Ideas

Classic items have a lot of fans even though modern designs continue to storm their existence. If you are a fan, we are going to take a look at the classic coffee table bar ideas for now. Occupying a living room, this coffee table is the centerpiece of this room’s design. Showing off the faceted shape with a natural finish, exposing the natural wood motifs that make it look even more attractive. Velvet sofas, single upholstered chairs and rattan benches surround him as if he is a fan who admires his idol. Comfort is clearly displayed here, amidst a warm and family look.


3. Coffee Bar Table Ideas

coffee bar table ideas

It is possible to bring a cafe home. You only need coffee bar table ideas to make it real. And this is one of the interesting inspirations for us. Occupying a rectangular room with large glass windows that bring sunlight in freely to bathe the entire room. Being able to accommodate eight people to sit together, it allows you to freely invite your friends to enjoy coffee like in a famous cafe. In addition to their function as lighting, three chandeliers also play a role in decorating this room, hanging gracefully on a long white table. Four chairs sat beautifully on one side of the table, and a long wooden bench on the other. A pair of upholstered chairs complete this area. The bar coffee table occupies the end of the room, filled with all the equipment including a coffee machine that is ready to pamper visitors as if they were in a coffee shop.


4. Coffee Bar Table Rustic

coffee bar table rustic

Giving a rustic touch to a modern decor always produces a charming combination. A rustic coffee bar table can help you make it happen easily, as easy as snapping your fingers. Offers a unique design, able to attract the attention of anyone who visits. Standing beautifully on a carpet, providing space to put your cup of coffee, complements a modern sofa in this sitting area. Overlooking an exposed stone wall that also adds a rustic touch to the decor, making this sitting area even more attractive. Wood material fills one side of the room as a custom cabinet that displays various works of art as decoration, and is able to bring warmth and a touch of nature to the overall decoration of the room.



5. Coffee Bar Table

coffee bar table

Another coffee bar table inspiration came from a luxurious residence that has a sitting area like an expensive cafe with comfortable and elegant seating. Four upholstered single sofas surround a round coffee table that stands beautifully on a carpet. Offers the convenience of chatting while enjoying a cup of coffee and favorite snacks, allowing you to invite colleagues to the house. Various art objects are present to beautify the decoration, perched nicely on a white shelf that covers almost the entire wall on one side of the room. Choosing a wooden floor to create a warm atmosphere always works without difficulty. As a final touch, Crystal chandeliers are able to bring luxury to the room in addition to its main function as a lighting device.


6. Corner Minibar Coffee Bar Table

corner mini bar coffee table

Placing a corner minibar coffee table in the room is an interesting idea. This allows us to enjoy hot drinks and favorite snacks without having to go to the kitchen to make them. A relaxing room that provides full service can be a favorite place at home when enjoying a break. We can see how comfortable a pair of single sofa is along with the soft stool. Soft colors as if calling us to lay down. The thick carpet of bone color promises warmth and a beautiful vase of flowers can bring freshness to the room. The minibar is located on one side of the room with drawers that provide storage for everything you need so that the area is kept neat.

7. DIY Rustic Coffee Bar Table

The DIY rustic coffee bar table in this post stole the attention, despite its simple design. If you want a coffee bar like this, you can use your spare time to make it using used wood or if you don’t have it, you can buy wooden planks. Bringing in a DIY coffee bar table gives a rustic touch to a modern living space, resulting in an enchanting blend. On the table, a few pots of pottery sit beautifully which further reinforces the rustic impression. In the entertainment area, we see ceramic-coated walls that look like wooden boards without a layer of paint or varnish. The wooden floor further enhances the appearance of this room decor. We see the combination of natural colors on almost the entire surface of this room, which in the end we find a warm and friendly decoration.


8. Farmhouse Coffee Bar Table

farmhouse coffee bar table

This is an open living space that has abundant light and good air flow. The sitting room is divided into two areas bordered by a large glass wall that frames a beautiful outdoor view. This living space as a whole features a modern décor. The farmhouse feel can be seen from the presence of a farmhouse coffee bar table that stands beautifully in the middle of the room on a Turkish carpet that covers the wooden floors. A pair of white sofas flank this coffee table, creating a blend of urban house and farmhouse décor. The fireplace is attached to the wall at the end of the room, and a pair of built-in shelves flank it. Above the fireplace, we see a horse painting and it further strengthens the farmhouse style appearance in the room decoration.


9. Mediterranean Coffee Bar Table

mediterranean coffee Table

It is a Mediterranean house with lovely living area. A lot of sunshine at day, make this room warm and bright. Natural colors dominate the decoration, create lovable look, that invite people to come, sit, and laydown. A Mediterranean coffee table beautifully sit in front of a long sofa. The stripe on sofa give pattern to the whole room decoration. The coffee table is made of solid wood in a rectangular shape, looks solid and is the center of attention in this area. A traditional fireplace complements the room, ensuring it stays warm. The roof is angled, tapering at the top in the form of a triangle. We see an exposed wooden beam that reinforces the Mediterranean look. A classic chandelier hangs gracefully from the ceiling, perfecting the décor of this room. Meanwhile, the presence of green plants can bring freshness and natural atmosphere to the room.



10. Mini Coffee Bar Table

mini bar coffee table

Here is an idea about a mini bar coffee table. A modern living room with minimalist style showing off a cool mini bar at the end of the room. Choosing white color for the bar coffee table enhances the modern look, along with the design of the bar chairs that complement it. In the sitting area we see the coffee table as the focal point, standing on a beige carpet, rectangular in shape. The single sofa along with the stool looks striking, maroon color as if dripping color in the room decoration. There isn’t much furniture here, but this sitting room sure looks comfortable in its simplicity. The presence of a fireplace promises warmth throughout the room, perfecting the fun in this living room.

11. Modern Coffee Bar Table Ideas

modern coffee table ideas

Modern coffee table ideas are always interesting to enjoy. Featuring a simple design that looks firm and neat, it can steal attention. We can bring it into a dynamic urban dwelling, such as in this living space. The gray color dominates the decor, exuding a masculine aura. Almost all of the furniture in this room is gray, including the coffee table that stands beautifully amidst the soft carpet. Long gray sofa facing a television attached to the wall of the room. Below it we see a TV shelf that is arranged on drawers with a modern design in shades of gray which is the theme of this room. Throwing cushions show off alternating stripes that are still faithful to the gray color perched on the sofa as if they promise a comfort. In the corner of the room there is a single sofa that can be used as a reading area.



12. Rustic Coffee Bar Table

rustic coffee bar table

A rustic coffee bar table always has an undeniable charm in every presence, whether in a modern house, farmhouse or Mediterranean-style house. In the picture we see the existence of a small coffee table that is able to give a rustic touch to a residential living room with a high and open design. Velvet sofas surround this coffee table, creating an inviting harmony to drop in. A rug defines this room as well as imparts a motif to the decoration. Wood material dominates the room, which always manages to create a warm, soothing look. This house is a heaven for those of you who like to read because there are large shelves filled with various kinds of books, even up to the floor above. At the far end of the room, a kitchen completes all the pleasures of this home, equipped with a comfortable minibar for the four of us.


13. Rustic Coffee Bar Table

rustic coffee table

Still admiring the charm of the rustic decor, we see a rustic coffee table that is the center of attention in the living room of an open-style residence with abundant sunlight shifting freely in through the glass windows that dominate almost the entire wall of the room. These glass windows also frame a beautiful view of the green courtyard that sits outdoors. The triangular ceiling of the room is conical on the upper side, making the room seem more spacious and spacious. An exposed stone wall accentuates the rustic touch to this room, and in it nestles a traditional fireplace that promises warmth. In the sitting area, a pair of jumbo sofas invite you to lay, curled up, enjoying the comfort of this room. Various motifs of throw pillows look beautiful complementing this beige sofa.

14. Simple Modern Mini Coffee Bar Table

simple modern mini bar coffee table

Here we look at a simple modern mini bar coffee table. This coffee table apart from offering its function, also pampers us with its design and appearance. The shape is cool and stylish, very suitable for the living room of a luxurious modern residence. A pair of single sofas complement this unique table, perfecting the look. Throw pillows give the decoration a finished look. The designer combines white and silver colors to create a charming urban living space. Behind the sofa is a mini bar which provides a few drinks and is equipped with a sink and faucet. In this mini bar area, we can prepare drinks and snacks to complement the pleasure of sitting and relaxing in the sitting area, and can also be used to entertain friends who come to visit.



15. Small Coffee Bar Table

small coffee bar table

This dining room has a small coffee bar table that is ready to please you. Showing off a warm and inviting decoration, perfect for gathering family members. The wood material dominates the room, creating a natural yet elegant look at the same time. A round dining table has a simple design that will not be eroded by the times. Four upholstered chairs surround this wooden dining table. The velvet layer is able to create a luxurious impression on the chair design, while the brown color chosen is able to blend in with the room decor. A chandelier looks stunning on the table. With the appearance of this decoration, anyone will immediately feel familiar and comfortable here. Meanwhile, a wooden cabinet acts as a divider in addition to its main role.

16. Table For Coffee Bar

table for coffee bar

If you are looking for inspiration for a table for coffee bar, you can use this post as a reference. Extending at the end of the room, covering the entire width of the wall. Designers chose solid wood to create it, producing a piece of furniture with a timeless design, consisting of several wooden door cabinets and a glass partition shelves that allow us to see what kind of drinks are stored in it. In the sitting area. A pair of stylish single sofa offers both comfort and a fashionable look with blue fabric with abstract patterns. A round coffee table is no less stylish than a sofa design, so it looks so harmonious that it comes together. A soft white rug looks warm, contributing to defining the sitting area.

17. Wooden Rustic Coffee Bar Table

Wooden rustic coffee table

Bringing wood-based furniture to a room is an easy and simple way to add a rustic touch to the decor. One of the inspirations we can take is the appearance of the kitchen in this post. Here we see a charming wooden rustic coffee table. The basic material of wood really dominates this kitchen room, both in the furniture and in the construction of the building. On the ceiling, we see exposed wooden beams that make this building look sturdy and handsome. Kitchen cabinets are also made of wood with a natural finish, but look eye-catching.  Although thick with the rustic style, there are modern touches here and there to finally create an amazing kitchen decoration.

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