Floating Shelves to Create a Neatness With Attractive Display

Floating Shelves to Create a Neatness With Attractive Display

One of the things that I really need when arranging a room is a storage area, a place to showcase room decorations, collection books, photo frames and other small items to complement the decorations. Therefore, the existence of a shelf in the room is mandatory. In addition to its function in maintaining neatness, a shelf also plays a role in the appearance of a room decoration, so when choosing a shelf we must pay attention to its design in addition to its main function. For this discussion, we focus on floating shelves, which are the perfect choice for those of you who have limited space but require a lot of storage space.

1. Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves

We all love a clean and tidy kitchen. apart from being a place to process and prepare food, the function of the kitchen has developed into an area to enjoy cooking. This encourages us to take better care of the appearance of the kitchen. To help maintain neatness in the kitchen area, we need shelves. In this kitchen design, we see corner floating shelves. Shelf design like this saves space, so it is suitable for those of you who have a kitchen with limited space. Choosing a solid wood base material, able to display solid results and has a timeless design. Beautifully adheres to the walls of the porcelain room, creating a bold mix that attracts attention. Besides offering space to put cups, glasses and plates, this corner shelf is also able to change the appearance of decorations to be more fun by displaying various works of art perched on their surface.

2. Corner Floating Wall Shelves

corner floating wall shelves
corner floating wall shelves

Everyone has their own dream about a dream room. But basically, of all the differences in design, one thing in common is comfort. The comfort of a living room is the main thing because the main function of this room is this. Getting comfortable requires several attempts, one of which is creating a clean and tidy space. By making sure things are where they need to be, we can achieve a clean and tidy look with ease. One of the things we have to do is make sure the room has enough storage space. Because in addition to functioning as a place to relax and gather with family, living rooms are also often used to receive guests, so besides the main function of the furniture that will fill the room, we also need to consider the design and appearance, including the shelf design that we will choose. Corner floating wall shelves can be used as a reference to create a simple, modern look.

3. DIY Corner Floating Shelves

diy corner floating shelves

Some of you may like to make household items, such as DIY corner floating shelves. If you are one of them, then you are a productive and creative person. In making DIY corner shelves, we can use new raw materials or we can use items that are no longer used, such as wooden slabs or pieces of glass. We can adjust the model and type of shelf according to our needs, both in terms of size and design. This is one of the advantages of a DIY corner shelf, apart from the exclusive design, which we cannot find in the store. In the picture, the designer uses glass as a raw material to make DIY corner shelves, which beautifully display some works of art. Its presence is able to change the final appearance of the room decoration to steal the attention.

4. Double Floating Corner Shelves

double floating corner shelves
double floating corner shelves

When I was looking for ideas for designing a bathroom, I came across this inspiration. Here we see double floating corner shelves, which show off the charm of wood. Attached to the wall of the room, these floating shelves extend to cover the entire length of the room wall, composed of drawers and shelves with doors. Offering timeless design, we can breathe easy for a long time without having to think about replacing it because of the erosion of the times. In addition, the floating shelves design can easily blend in with other furniture without being flashy. A pair of square mirrors can make this bathroom decor look even more stunning, a mix that looks perfect without any extra effort. Choosing a wooden floor for the entire room with a rough yet natural finish, creates a blend of colors that brings out warmth.

5. Floating Corner Shelves Plans

Floating Corner Shelves Plans
Floating Corner Shelves Plans

This floating corner shelves plans offer storage in a large, open space setting. Attached neatly to the walls of the room, able to maintain the neatness of the room. This is perfect for those of you who have a lot of stuff. The design of floating shelves is very simple and can blend with any room decoration theme. The model that is not exaggerated is actually an attraction, making it so flexible while still promising its main function. We can use it to display room decorations, also help us organize our small items so that they are neatly organized and can easily be obtained when we need them. Extending on almost the entire wall of the room, offering us an abundance of storage space as well as a medium to showcase our collection.

6. Floating Corner Shelves

floating corner shelves
floating corner shelves

Everyone has different hobbies and hobbies, as well as the collection. Commonly collected items include books, artwork, and even alcoholic drinks as we can see in the picture. Collections of hard minerals from various countries are beautifully displayed on the floating corner shelves in this area. The shelves fill the entire wall arranged storied upwards. Visitors can clearly see the collection of drinks on display. The U-shaped bar table offers plenty of space for hanging out with colleagues, with beautiful lined modern bar stools inviting for a social stop. This floating shelf model is suitable for both large and limited rooms because the design is attached to the wall. You can also display other collections on this floating shelf which will certainly look stunning too.

7. Floating Corner Wall Shelves

floating corner wall shelves

The ideal workspace is a space that has enough light, is neat, clean, and most importantly comfortable because we will be in this room for a long time and are required to be productive and think creatively. Here we see a workspace that offers a modern yet stylish design. The designer divides the room into three areas, namely the sitting area, work area and storage area at the end of the room. The storage area also acts as an entertainment area, showing off a floating corner wall shelves that looks elegant, combining white and brown colors. Various works of art attract attention, occupying the entire surface of the floating shelves, while the lower part offers space to store documents and other office items. This makes the desk look clean and tidy because there are not many items scattered on the surface.

8. Floating Wood Corner Shelves

floating wood corner shelves
floating wood corner shelves

All household items made of wood have never faded their charm. In whatever era we live in, it is still relevant for us to use. One example is these floating wood corner shelves. Taking up a little space in the corner of the room, offering a storage area as well as participating in beautifying the decor. The shelf is in an L shape, beautifully attached to the wall, showing off various decorations of the room. The white color enhances the simple, modern look. On the down side, a cabinet offers another storage alternative, combining the natural color of wood with a polished finish, and a matching white countertop with floating shelves above it. The floating design makes it easy for us to clean the floor underneath. The floating wood corner shelves together with the flower beds and green plants next to it invite a sense of nature to get closer.

9. Large Corner Floating Shelves

large corner floating shelves

This kitchen has a large corner floating shelves that offer a modern and elegant look. The white color covers almost the entire surface, giving it a clean impression. A touch of wood at the end of the room warms up the cool look of dominating white. These corner floating shelves have plenty of storage space, allowing us to neatly store our cooking utensils and utensils. A kitchen island is also present to enliven this kitchen, offering four sitting rooms lined with fashionable bar stools on one side of the kitchen island facing the kitchen set. This kitchen island has a white mermer countertop to match the kitchen cabinet. The wooden supports create a welcoming and warm look to this area. Floor to ceiling glass windows frame the beauty of the garden on the outside that we can enjoy while in this kitchen area.

10. Large Floating Corner Shelves Ideas

large floating corner shelves
large floating corner shelves

I immediately fell in love with this kitchen design. Featuring a monochrome style that still looks cute. Capable of seating four people together, this kitchen has a kitchen island in the middle of the room with wicker chairs that steal the show. A gold chandelier gives a classic touch to the decor look. Choosing wooden floors with natural finishes can bring warmth to this kitchen area. In the cooking area, we find large floating corner shelves displaying various decorative works of art that further enhance the appearance of the room decor. A touch of gold here and there can create a luxurious look. A kitchen cabinet occupies the end of the room, offering abundant storage space, in elegant white. Designers choose abstract patterned wallpaper to enhance the final look of this kitchen d├ęcor.

11. Rustic Floating Corner Shelves Ideas

rustic floating corner shelves

For rustic design fans, this is your turn. Maybe you can try to apply this idea in your home. The designer combines white and blue with a touch of wood to sweeten the look. A rustic floating corner shelves attract our attention as soon as we set foot in this room. Choosing a wood base material, make these floating shelves look natural and simple but have an undeniable charm. We can do many things with these floating shelves, including using them to display our collection of artwork, placing green plants to refresh the appearance of decorations, or you can also use them to store plates or glasses that we are not going to use yet. The food processing area occupies the side of the kitchen in an L shape, featuring a white kitchen cabinet. The kitchen backsplash looks attractive, with a shiny blue color that seems to color the room. In the middle of the room stands a white and blue kitchen island that invites four people to sit together on the leather bar chairs that complement it.

12. White Floating Corner Shelves Ideas

white floating corner shelves

We’re still in the kitchen area. White dominates the decor of this room. Homeowners choose a modern, elegant design with a few touches that give a luxurious look here and there. A white floating corner shelf is the center of attention in this room, with the presence of a shiny silver color that can make the corner shelves look even more amazing. The gray backsplash looks just right here, which is further emphasized by the many lights installed. Three beautiful lamps hang above a kitchen island which also acts as a kitchen bar for the four of us. Upholstered bar chairs complete this area, still faithful to a touch of gray. Wooden floors cover the entire floor of the room, giving a warm feeling and softening the white color that dominates the room.

13. White Floating Corner Wall Shelves Ideas

white floating corner wall shelves
white floating corner wall shelves

Another inspiration still comes from a beautiful kitchen with pure white shades. The white color that dominates the room makes this kitchen appear brighter. The white color gives off a clean and bright impression, but at the same time it also gives off a cool impression. Hence, adding a touch of wood to it is a wise decision to bring warmth. Here we take a look at white floating corner wall shelves that offer plenty of storage space and help maintain tidiness in the kitchen area. The wooden shelves also attach to the walls, creating a lovely mix of whites and wood tones. Above it, perches pretty cutlery and a few decorations. Natural light colored wood floors cover the entire floor of the room. The presence of gold color gives a luxurious touch to the room decoration.

14. Wood Corner Floating Shelves Ideas


wood corner floating shelves

Let us turn to the living room of a luxurious residence in an urban area. As usual, in a living room there will be an entertainment area. Here we see the wood corner floating shelves covering a television and a fireplace. The wood base material of the corner shelves creates a warm and inviting decor. Various elegant works of art occupy floating shelves, adding to the beauty of the room decoration. In the sitting area, a set of upholstered sofas looks soft and comfortable, calling anyone to stop by. The matching carpet defines the area, adding comfort and warmth to the sitting area. A side table adjoins the sofa, showcasing unique works of art that steal the show. Dim lighting is the right choice for creating a romantic atmosphere.

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