DIY Tv Stand Ideas For Lovable Room Decoration

diy tv stand plans

Nowadays, almost all houses are equipped with television. Television in a room is not just an object of entertainment, but also plays its role as an attribute of room decoration. As the development of technology today, television models, shapes and types are increasingly diverse. Therefore the way of laying television is also diverse. Here are some ideas about DIY TV stands that we can choose according to our type.

1. Beautiful DIY TV stand Ideas

beautifull diy tv stand ideas
The first inspiration came from a luxurious guest room that displayed a large TV. The size of the television here is according to the area of the room. The proportions are just right, so it really perfects the decor of this room. This beautiful DIY TV stand ideas can we emulate if our television models have thin and flat models. Television mounted on a marble wall. On the same wall under this tv there is a build-in fireplace. The same length between the fireplace and the television creates a beautiful and neat blend. So this is what I mean why laying television also contributes to the decoration of the room. It seems trivial, but contributes greatly to the final appearance of the decoration of a room.

2. DIY corner TV stand

diy corner tv stand
The size of the room that we have is one of the considerations when choosing a television. So, its existence will look interesting but does not dominate the room. The next idea for a room with a medium size. Here the homeowner decides to put the television in the corner of the room near the glass window, next to the build-in fireplace. You can adjust it to your home, because not all houses have fireplaces, depending on where the side of the earth on which we are. Maybe we can replace the fireplace room as a bookshelf or aquarium. This DIY corner TV stand is simple and look modern, become one piece with a bookshelf.

3. DIY crate TV stand

diy crate tv stand
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Ok, the next idea is DIY crate TV stand. This model is suitable for use in the workspace. Its location can be adjacent to the work table in a single unit as shown in the picture. Television in this room is flat, so that its placement hangs on the wall. Here, television becomes the center of room decoration, located really in the middle, and around it are shelves used to organize books and display art. There are a lot of items here, but because they are good at organizing and displaying, everything still looks fast and organized.

4. DIY dresser to TV stand

diy dresser to tv stand
Then we can choose for medium-sized television, in a Scandinavian-style room. The television is placed with the stand on a white drawer. This laying method is suitable to be chosen for the bedroom. This DIY dresser to TV stand look sweet, and easy to do. You simply provide space above your drawers, then put the television in the stand. This can only be done for small to medium sized tvs. And most important to note is that the size of the television must be proportional when compared to your dresser. In addition to security, the final appearance also needs to be considered. To beautify the surroundings, you can place a picture frame or flower vase on both sides.

5. DIY electric fireplace TV stand

diy electric fireplace tv stand
When we live in a country that has winter, the thing that we must have is a fireplace. Usually this fireplace is placed in the living space that is used to receive guests and sit and relax. And in this room also usually placed a television. In this living room, the television hang above the fireplace. The rustic feel thick in this room, one of which comes from the look of the fireplace. While television provides modern air in the decoration. This DIY electric TV stand is perfect for limited space. Its existence does not take up much space, and can be placed on one side of the wall of the room. Surely winter still feels comfortable and warm right?

6. DIY farmhouse TV stand

diy farmhouse tv stand
The following is a DIY farmhouse TV stand. Like previous ideas, the television in this room is one side with a fireplace. This living room is spacious and bright. Wooden ornaments and chandelier models on the roof emphasize the style of a farmhouse. The television in this room is against the wall and is above the fireplace. When compared with the area of the room, the size of the television here is small. The atmosphere of this living space is warm, with beautiful outdoor views, can be enjoyed through large glass windows. A set of sofa offer cozy sitting place, and at the same time make perfect the decoration of this farmhouse living room.

7. DIY flat screen TV stand

diy flat screen tv stand
The next idea will be suitable if we apply it in our apartment room. A medium sized living room with elegant and modern style. What steals the attention of this living room is the wallpaper and the arc lamp. Other ornaments function as decoration enhancers. This room is equipped with a small flat-screen TV, but looks proportionate compared to the area of the room. This DIY flat screen TV stand coolly occupying the edge of a simple bookshelf. Beside it are displayed several framed paintings, and an art mask. Some wood material is present in this room, bringing warm and comfortable air. A dark gray sofa perfect the existing comfort.

8. DIY floating TV stand

This DIY floating TV stand is the center of this living room decoration. This lightweight wooden TV stand looks attractive and feels right against the white wall, creating a warm mix. This form of floating TV stand is very suitable for a room that has a limited area, because it does not require a lot of area. Aside from being a TV stand, it also provides a shelf to display a collection of books, and at the bottom is provided a drawer to store goods.

9. DIY industrial TV stand

diy industrial tv stand
This is one of my favorites. This living room has a modern decoration, not complicated, but still looks elegant. A set of brown sofas looks comfortable and warm, giving a friendly impression to the residents. Hardwood floors create a friendly atmosphere. The two-color rug gives a motif for the overall decoration. This living room is surrounded by large glass windows that carry a lot of sunlight during the day, and when night falls frames the appearance of the sky. The DIY industrial TV stand completed the coziness in this room, entertain and also make perfect the finish look of room’s decoration.

10. DIY pipe TV stand

diy pipe tv stand
The DIY pipe TV stand is one of smart idea. This seems unusual, but actually looks more interesting. The creativity of the designer must be appreciated. This DIY TV stand has similar look with the coffee table. Made of pipe in black finished, combined with a wooden board in natural look. The wooden board also look suitable with the floor. The combination brings intimacy in the room. This room looks bright and neat. A fabric sofa invites you to sit and lie down to enjoy the view outside framed by the large glass windows that surround this living room.

11. DIY rustic TV stand plans

diy rustic tv stand plans
This rustic TV stand plans spontaneously bring our imagination to rural life. A rustic TV stand firmly stand in a warm living room. The TV stand made of wood and completed with glass. On its top, used to place a television. This rustic TV stand sits on a room corner. The wall paint color chosen further emphasizes the rustic style of this living room. this room also equipped with a leather sofa set and a spacious coffee table. The perfect mix to enjoy the countryside views framed by the glass window in this room.

12. DIY rustic TV stand

diy rustic tv stand
This post for those of you who like rustic style to decorate your room. This decoration can you apply in your living room. The DIY rustic TV stand look cool stand in front of exposed brick wall. The rustic TV stand design is very unique and rustic. With an elongated shape, consisting of several drawers provides enough area to place a flat screen TV on it. The shape of the legs and the handle of its drawer of this TV stand further strengthens its rustic style. And in the end the combination of exposed brick wall, the DIY TV stand and the candle stand produces an attention-grabbing display.

13. DIY TV stand ideas

diy tv stand ideas
Want something with a masculine look for your living room? This DIY TV stand ideas is special for you. Comes with firm pieces made of wood and glass, this DIY TV stand will become a star in your living room. At the front, the drawer door is a mirror. The presence of this mirror gives the impression of luxury and creates the impression of looking spacious in the room. As a background this DIY TV stand is a wall with a rough finish, further strengthening the masculine air in the decoration of this room.

14. DIY TV stand mount

diy tv stand mount
This is one of the coolest designs of a living room. The DIY TV stand mount seems to enhance the final appearance of this room decoration. This living room style is open air, has amazing outdoor views. Consists of two parts connected indoor seating and outdoor seating. The television mount above the build-in fireplace. The corner bookshelves on the back of sofa, also used to divine the space. The rug lining the sitting area make perfect the coziness on this living space. Some art items were displayed on the mount shelves, decorate this cool living room.

15. DIY TV stand plans

diy tv stand plans
The basic wood material dominates this living room, warming the cold impression of the white walls. The DIY TV stand plans complete the entertainment in this room. All seemed appropriate, creating a blend that made it comfortable with enough of light.

This living room have a lot of sunlight during the day that come in by the large glass windows that firmly stand on one side of this room. The addition of a green plant in the corner of the room brings freshness and more lively atmosphere in the room.

16. DIY wood TV stand

diy wood tv stand
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This furniture is the DIY wood TV stand. The design is very simple, far from complicated. Made from light wood, this TV stand provides enough space to place a flat screen TV on it. Two shelves flanking a drawer. The simple design allows this furniture to be placed in any room in your home with both decoration style modern or traditional design. Its top can be used to put a televition and to displays some photographs and framed painting.

17. Honey ideas TV stand

Honey ideas tv stand plans diy
When we enter this living room and see around then our attention will directed to the honey ideas TV stand. The charming design of the TV stand indeed catch of an attention. Elongated in shape with slender legs, this honey TV stand provides a place to put a medium-sized TV, and the rest of the space can be used to display art decorations and lamps. If we look as a complete appearance, the presence of this honey TV stand serves as furniture and enhancing the appearance of this living room decoration.

18. Midcentury modern TV stand

mid century modern tv stand diy

Mid-century style room is always interesting to see. If you are looking for midcentury style ideas to place your television, this can be your inspiration. This modern midcentury modern TV stand collaborate between midcentury and modern style. The television placed in the living room. The living room is in open design, furnished by a blue sofa that enhance the midcentury look. A gray sofa offer cozy sit place and the other side the coffee table display an attractive design. The television mount on white wall, on above of white long shaped cupboard.

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