Outdoor and Indoor Diy Privacy Screen Ideas

backyard privacy screen

Privacy screen is a barrier or divider of two spaces, where its presence to cover other unwanted areas are visible. As the design progresses, the privacy screen also changes. Now, privacy screens are decorative objects, whose existence influences the final decoration of a room. So, it is very important when we choose a privacy screen, adjusted to the design concept that we want. Here are some examples of privacy screens that might give us an idea and inspiration.

1. Backyard Privacy Screen Ideas

backyard privacy screen
This is an example of a privacy screen for our backyard. It is backyard privacy screen. For outdoor purposes, wood is the right choice. Wood will give the look of our backyard more natural. Green plants that grow in front of the privacy screen raise their natural appearance. This wooden privacy screen can be used to provide a border on our backyard with other people’s home areas, and can secure our home area from outside view.

2. Balcony Privacy Screen Ideas

balcony privacy screen

This is the balcony of a modern house. This balcony provides a comfortable open sitting room, with a wide and fresh outside view. Because the design of this balcony is open, then on the left side of the room there is a balcony privacy screen that blocks the area next to the balcony. This balcony privacy screen made of wood material. The shape is very simple, only in the form of wooden plates arranged and put together. But its presence affects the room decoration. Wood was chosen to increasingly bring nature into space. And this is very harmonious with the roof of the room which is also made of wood.

3. Chain link fence slats

chain link fence slats

Having a house on the edge of a big road does make it easy for us to work. But indeed we must be more careful, especially if we have small children or have pets. At this time we need a chain link fence slats. One of the designs that we can see is the one that is able to display images. It’s a long stretch, so it’s very suitable if we have a large area. Made of painted iron, so it will be durable and weather resistant. The design also looks sturdy and modern. What do you think? I think this can be an inspiration to surround our home area.

4. Deck Privacy Screen Ideas

deck privacy screen

After some privacy screen designs for the outdoors, then let us enter the area inside the house. This time we see how the idea of a privacy screen for a bedroom. This is the privacy screen deck. Still using wood raw materials, the design concept is simple, consisting of lightweight wooden slots that have a natural finish. Wooden slots are arranged irregularly, which actually makes the privacy screen look cooler. To further enhance the design, the privacy screen is affixed to a framed image so it doesn’t look plain.

5. Diy Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

diy outdoor privacy screen

Another idea of diy outdoor privacy screen we can find in this picture. The design is beautiful, so the look of this house is increasingly attractive. The house is in an area with lots of plants, so the wood material chosen makes the natural atmosphere increasingly thick. Will definitely make a home to linger in this house. Eve and the surrounding environment far from the commotion of city life is suitable for running for a moment from the bustle and pressure. The architect of this house does not want to waste what has been provided by nature, so the house is designed with glass walls that frame the beautiful scenery outside the room.

6. Hot tub Privacy Screen Ideas

hot tub privacy screen

Next is a cool idea in my opinion. And it seems more to my personal dream, so this hot tub privacy screen design really inspired me. One more thing that makes me so interested is the material used is wood, which increasingly makes the atmosphere warmer. The wood used is not painted, left with a plain finish and what it is. This privacy screen is made entirely of similar wood material, so that it appears as a harmonious whole. The design really makes falling in love at first sight.

7.Modern Indoor Privacy Screen Ideas

ideas indoor privacy screen
ideas indoor privacy screen

If you are a fan of cheerful designs, this might be one of the designs that can inspire you. Yes, this is an indoor privacy screen. The design is colorful so it can color the entire room. His presence immediately brought cheer and excitement. This indoor privacy screen is made of abstract painted glass sheets. Are you interested to bring it to your room? You can also express your own ideas. Prepare several glass plates, and paint. This can be used to channel your hobbies and talents.

8. Indoor Privacy Screen Ideas

indoor privacy screen ideas
The next design is still similar to the previous image. We can make various models, adjusted to what we like. If in the previous design the glass used has a flat edge, we can try another form. One example that appears in the picture. This design has various edges that are made pointy, with different heights. You can try other forms, for example, made bumpy. And of course, you can make the painting according to what you like, for example pictures of flowers, animals, or scenery. This indoor privacy screen ideas we can use to fill our free time or even can be used to channel talents and release stress.

9. Lattice Privacy Screen Ideas

lattice privacy screen

This is a western style house that has a lovely outdoor space. The basic wood material dominates the design of this house, making it look warm and natural. This cozy outdoor area have a lattice privacy screen. The privacy screen made entirely of wood with a dark finish. Here is a spot that can be used to gather with family, as an outdoor dining area, and also as a relaxing area. The existence of a privacy screen here in addition to protecting from outside views also serves to decorate this area.

10. Lowest Room Privacy Screen Ideas

lowes room dividers

This privacy screen has its own charm. This is more a work of art. The design invites people to pay closer attention. The lowest room divider is made of heavy wood. The natural motif of the wood is preserved, making it even more enchanting. The designer chose the natural end which is precisely the attraction of this lowest room divider. Where is the right place to put it? I think this will suit all spaces. If in your living space, this will attract the attention of every guest who comes to visit.

11. Modern Patio Wood Privacy Screen Ideas

wooden Modern Patio

If you’re looking for an idea of a modern-style patio, the following post is right for you. This is a comfortable patio that is used to relax outside the room to enjoy the view and breathe fresh air. This modern patio consists of a comfortable sitting area and a small flower garden. Wood privacy screen surrounds this patio, making it more comfortable and familiar. Exposed brick wall as the background of the sitting area, giving the final result an attractive decoration. What do you think? Inspiring enough right?

12. Outdoor privacy screen ideas for decks

outdoor privacy screen ideas for decks

The following is an outdoor privacy screen ideas for decks. This picture shows an outdoor sitting area equipped with a privacy screen made of wood. The existence of this privacy screen is appropriate, and can be integrated with the overall decoration. This outdoor sitting area offers comfort for resting, facilitated by a set of soft sofas and a fireplace that promises warmth and comfort. What steals the attention of the entire decor is a privacy screen that is the background of a set of white sofas. In addition, the cushion of the sofa has a motif that enlivens the overall design of the sitting area.

13. Outdoor privacy screen ideas

outdoor privacy screen ideas
Image source by houzz.com

Do you need an idea to design your outdoor sitting area? Next I bring an interesting picture of a lovely sitting area that is equipped with an outdoor privacy screen that should be used as a reference. Wood raw materials dominate the space, bringing a familiar natural atmosphere to this area, which is further strengthened by the presence of green plants that surround the sitting area. This comfy sitting space completed with outdoor privacy screen that made of wood, suit with the wooden ceiling of this area. On the sitting space, the presence of light blue color liven up room decorations.

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