Corner Sink Design For Cool Home Decor

corner sink kitchen

When talk about sink our mind will go to the kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. The sink design is different, according to the function of the room where it will sit. Sometimes, we confuse to choose what kind of sink that we will use for our room. But don’t worry, there are so many inspiration about it, and here are some sink design ideas to create our dream home.

1. Bathroom corner sink

bathroom corner sink

The first idea come from a luxury bathroom. This stylish bathroom have wide space, display modern look decoration. The bathroom cabinet made of wood with natural finish, look simple and bring warmth to the space. On the bathroom cabinet there are twin sinks with modern faucet. This bathroom corner sink have oval shape and white color suite with the stand bath tube. A frameless mirror complete the sink and faucet, also give more spacious impression. Overall, this bathroom have a great decoration.

2. Corner bathroom sink vanity unit

corner bathroom sink vanity units

The second picture is corner bathroom sink vanity unit. This bathroom have a wonderful outside view that we can enjoy while soak in the bath tube or when we shower. Two big glass windows frame the beautiful scenery, and also bring a lot of natural light at a day. Next to the corner bath tube stand twin bathroom vanity unit that display black and white look. These bathroom vanity unit provide a lot of storage space to keep towels and other things like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, etc. The bid mirror make spacious look impression. The tile floor and tile wall look suitable, make perfect the bathroom decoration.

3. Corner bathroom vanity sink

corner bathroom vanity sink

The next picture give us who’s have limited space bathroom. This modern bathroom have a corner bathroom vanity sink. A frameless mirror complete this bathroom vanity. A cool backsplash of mirror steal the attention, enhance the final look of bathroom decoration. The sink elegantly sit on the top of bathroom cabinet, show rectangular shape and a modern faucet complete this bathroom vanity. All things occupy their proper position, look nice and fit. With the right arrangement and selection of furniture, a small bathroom can still offer the same comfort as a larger bathroom.

4. Corner bathroom vanity with sink

corner bathroom vanity with sink

Here is for you who need an inspiration of corner bathroom vanity with sink. This bathroom vanity unit does not need a large place, so it is suitable for those of you who have a bathroom with limited area. A large mirror is very suitable to be installed in a narrow bathroom because it will create a wider impression. To take advantage of the empty space between the shower room and bathroom vanity, the designer makes a glass rack to put clean towels, and at the bottom there is a small cupboard that can add storage space to put things so that the bathroom will always be neat and clean.

5. Corner farmhouse sink

corner farmhouse sink

It’s always fun for me to see farmhouse-style kitchens because they seem warm and welcome. How to design a sink for a farmhouse kitchen? In the picture we are invited to see an inspiration from the corner farmhouse sink. This kitchen sink is near a glass window so we can enjoy the green view outside the room while washing eating and cooking utensils. The faucet that completes the sink has a similar design, so it looks harmonious together. The wood with a frame frames the sink, giving a natural touch to this sink’s appearance. As a typical farmhouse kitchen in general, this kitchen is also large in size and has plenty of storage space in the form of a white kitchen cabinet.

6. Corner kitchen sink base cabinet

corner kitchen sink base cabinet

This post for you who’s search of corner kitchen sink base cabinet ideas. The touch of wood is so thick in this kitchen, bringing a warm vibration that invites to approach. The kitchen is not too bright, the combination of bone white and wood color increases comfort in the room. In the middle of the room there is a kitchen island that can become a dining area, enjoy snacks at the time. A candle holder gives a classic and traditional look, gracefully sitting on the kitchen island. Another interesting thing about this kitchen is the design of the dining chair, showing off an elegant classic style.

7.Corner kitchen sink cabinet

corner kitchen sink cabinet
The next is an inspiration of corner kitchen sink cabinet. This kitchen sink have white color, sit on a white kitchen cabinet. These twin kitchen sink together with the modern faucet offer interesting experience in the kitchen. A touch of blue refreshes this kitchen decor. Elongated kitchen design, featuring a white kitchen cabinet as a place to store goods. Two large glass windows make the kitchen room brighter during the day. The curtains that complement this window give a style to the kitchen decor, making it look more lively and attractive.

8.Corner kitchen sink design

corner kitchen sink designs

An important part of a kitchen is the washing area. This area has a sink and run. The designs that we can choose are various, we can adjust it to the style of our kitchen. In the picture above, we see a kitchen with lots of light, and the white color dominates this kitchen so that it makes the room look cleaner and brighter. The presence of black gives an interesting contrast. While the touch of wood makes the final appearance of this kitchen decor look familiar and friendly. This kitchen showcases a kitchen sink corner design that stands on the next of the glass window, with beautiful outdoor views.

9. Corner kitchen sink ideas

corner kitchen sink ideas

This modern kitchen show us corner kitchen sink ideas. Like another kitchen before, this kitchen also dominate by white color that make the space look more bright. At day, the kitchen have a lot of natural light that comes through the glass windows on the room corner. On the next of this glass windows stand a corner sink that offer beautiful outside view. Firmly sit a white kitchen island with marble top. A lot of storage space in this modern kitchen. The glossy kitchen cabinet make us have wide space to keep our kitchen thing like some ingredients, wheat, oil, etc.

10. Corner kitchen sink

corner kitchen sink

Here is a corner kitchen sink for modern elegant kitchen. The kitchen sink have simple design, allow it blend with all kitchen decoration style. A kitchen island as the center, provide a space to enjoy a dinner or snack at tea time. A crystal chandelier elegantly hang on the ceiling above the countertop of kitchen island. The dinner space offer four stylish barstools. On another space, a set of hanging lamps lighten the finish look of kitchen decoration. The owner choose wooden floor for this kitchen, bring warm vibe to the space. Overall look perfect and very inviting.

11. Corner sink base cabinet

corner sink base cabinet

From the kitchen area we move to the bathroom. White color dominates the room. By presenting a touch of wood color can suppress the cold effect that emanates from the white color. Wood elements can be seen in the corner of the sink cabinet that supports a pair of sinks. Copper-colored faucets complete this modern sink, look compact and similar to the sink cabinet. On the white wall there were several framed artworks. Its presence gives color to the decor of this bathroom. The overall bathroom design is elegant and luxurious, which we can see in the bath area where a large standing bath tube is exhibited.

12. Corner sink bathroom

corner sink bathroom
Still discussing the bathroom sink corner. This design spoil those of you who like the color white. Bathroom cabinet hanging, this has the aim that the bottom of the cabinet is easy to clean. Marble countertop gives a luxurious touch to this bathroom decor. The frameless mirror looks elegant and at the same time gives a broader impression to the room. Because almost all rooms are white, a smart decision to hang a color painting on the wall, and put green plants between two bathroom sinks. Bathroom design like this is suitable to be adopted for a modern home, both with spacious and narrow bathroom.

13. Corner sink cabinet kitchen

corner sink cabinet kitchen

Let’s switch back to the kitchen room. The center of this kitchen is a large kitchen island, which offers areas to eat, drink and enjoy snacks. In the washing area, sit a corner sink kitchen cabinet that showcases a combination of white and wood with dark endings, in line with other kitchen cabinets. A set of chandeliers beautify this kitchen area. Modern kitchen equipment complete this room, allowing you to experiment and develop talent like a professional chef. This kitchen design is suitable for a large house with many family members.

14. Corner sink kitchen

corner sink kitchen

If you are still looking for inspiration about corner kitchen sinks, here’s one idea for you. The design of this kitchen is quite simple, suitable for those of you who are still single and live in an apartment. The kitchen cabinet countertop is made of aluminum so it is easy to clean, and at the same time gives a modern yet industrial feel. As storage space, kitchen cabinets and white-painted drawers offer ample space to help keep your kitchen tidy. Brick-themed backsplash kitchens give a style to the kitchen decor.

15. Corner sink with mirror

corner sink with mirror

Mirror is one of the things that must be in a bathroom. Usually, the mirror will complement the sink and bathroom cabinet. This is a bathroom that has a corner sink with a mirror. This bathroom decoration looks attractive. Between the baths a separate washing room, bounded by a door and a glass divider. The bathroom walls are ceramic coated, making it easy to clean. The madi room floor also uses ceramics, and a black rubber rug covers it to avoid slipping. As usual, a touch of wood is also present in this bathroom, presenting warmth and nature vibe.

16. Small corner sink vanity

small corner sink vanity

This small corner sink vanity has an elegant design. Marble countertop gives a luxurious appearance. Bathroom sink showcases an oval shape, present with a set of modern faucets. Marble touches not only land on bathroom cabinets, but also on bathroom floors and walls. Glass partitions form a shower area, separating it from the washing area and toilet area. To enhance the decor of the room, there is a flower vase that also colors this bathroom. In conclusion, although narrow, this bathroom offers the luxury and comfort of a modern bathroom.

17. Small corner sink

small corner sink

We walk towards the kitchen again. This is for those of you who need more inspiration from small corner sinks. This simple corner sink design is white, allowing it to easily fit in and blend into whatever your kitchen style is. Corner sinks made of porcelain, sitting firmly on top of a kitchen cabinet with matching color gradations. The black color of the kitchen island and floor provides an interesting contrast to this white kitchen. And three chandeliers on the ceiling hang above the kitchen island, make perfect this kitchen decor.

18. Traditional white corner sink

traditional white Coner Sink
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Having a traditional kitchen design in our modern home will definitely look unique. And this is one inspiration that we can adopt. This kitchen has a traditional white corner sink. The kitchen cabinet color chosen is natural and distinctive, in line with ceramic backsplash. The kitchen sink looks striking, made of matching white porcelain with a kitchen stove. A faucet with a traditional design comes complete with kitchen sinks. As lighting during the day, a rectangular glass window takes on this role. And wooden floors reinforce the traditional look of this kitchen decor.


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