Closet Dimension Ideas For Interior Design

Closet Dimension Ideas For Interior Design

Due to the demands of work and association, most people must have a large collection of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches and other fashion items. The problem that often arises is how we pack, store and display our collections properly. Easy to see, easy to find but still looks beautiful and neat. then what we need is a closet dimensions. If you experience a similar problem, here I bring you closet dimension Ideas for you interior inspiration.

1. Bedroom Closet Dimensions Ideas

bedroom closet dimensions Ideas

Some of us feel comfortable if the clothes and fashion items we have are in the same room as our bedroom. This is not without reason, because if it becomes one space then we will make it easier for us. We don’t have to leave the room just to change and get dressed. Apart from being impractical, it will also lengthen our time in preparing. Bedroom closet dimension Ideas is the right choice. We can add a sliding door if we want a barrier. In addition, with a door, when our closet is in a mess, then we just have to close it, so that the comfort of the bedroom is maintained.

2.Closet Dimensions Ideas for Guide

Closet Dimensions Ideas for Guide

If you need a closet dimension ideas guide, the following comes for you. In the picture we see a closet consisting of shelves and drawers. Designers choose wood material to create this closet. The shelves are painted white, while for the drawers, designers let the natural charm of wood appear as it is without overlaying it with paint or varnish. And in the end a mix that stole the show was created. The shelf occupies the upper side, displaying neatly folded clothes. The drawers ensure that accessories and small fashion items are neatly organized and easy to find when you are going to use them. Along the surface of the cabinet, several collections of hats were lined up neatly. closet design like this does not require a lot of space. You can use a hallway that connects two rooms to place a closet dimension like this.

3. Coat Closet Dimension Ideas

Coat Closet Dimension Ideas

Living in a country with four seasons makes us meet and feel winter. When this season arrives, to stay comfortable doing activities, we need a coat to warm us while working. The design of a coat is usually thick, and longer than the shirt size. The shape of the coat like this makes it need more space when storing because it certainly will not be used continuously throughout the year. Therefore we need a coat closet dimension ideas . In addition to ensuring that our coats are stored properly so that they are ready for us to wear when winter arrives, it also makes our space look tidy without coats hanging everywhere. In addition, it will be very disturbing if we keep our coat with our daily clothes because it will take up a lot of space.

4.Modern Closet Dimensions Ideas

Modern Closet Dimensions Ideas

Another inspiration from a dimension of a closet. If you have a room or even a room that you can devote to a closet, then you should try the design on the image. Especially if you have a lot of fashion collections, because this closet design offers many types of storage, from shelves, drawers, to hangers. Occupying almost the entire wall surface of the room, this closet leaves the middle area empty to facilitate movement when choosing clothes. The designer chose solid wood with a natural finish, creating a sturdy appearance standing from the floor to the ceiling of the room. To enhance the appearance, some carvings were added on the top side of this closet. A beautiful white bench sits in the middle of the room on a white carpet that covers the entire floor surface of the room.


5. Laundry Closet Dimension

Laundry Closet Dimension Ideas

Next is the laundry closet dimension. This is also if you have enough room at home, because it takes advantage of all the available space. As a vocal point, it is a table with drawers under it. We can use the countertop for ironing, while the drawers under it can be used to store detergent stocks, fragrances, clothes pelican and other small items so that they are well organized and still look neat. Laundry closet occupies one side of the room, consisting of shelves and hangers. Shirts, blouses and dresses can be hung, while t-shirts and pants can be folded and occupy the shelves. This laundry room has light wood flooring, while the green color of the walls brings a fresh air to this room. The right arrangement of furniture makes this room have free movement space.

6. Master Closet Dimension Ideas

Master Closet Dimension Ideas

It is a master closet dimension, featuring a luxurious and elegant design. Occupying a special room elongated. The left and right side walls are not visible, full of wardrobes. Floor to ceiling closet covers the entire wall surface. In the center of the room stood an island with a marble countertop in matching colors. Silver and gold colors dominate the decor, emphasizing the luxurious appearance. The glass door accompanies the top of the closet, allowing objects stored in it to be seen without opening the door. The lower part consists of clothes hangers. Here we also find lots of drawers that can accommodate small fashion items to keep them neat so that it will be easier for us to wear them. The embossed floral floor enhances the décor of this room, while giving it a feminine touch.

7.Modern Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

Modern Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

A modern walk-in closet dimension is the choice of many people. In this image we can take an idea for our own. The room used is not too large, allowing us to apply it to an apartment living model. The white color dominates the decor, showing a clean, modern and spacious impression. This walk-in closet features a modern design, consisting of shelves, drawers, an island, and clothes hangers. This closet covers almost any wall surface, standing firmly from floor to ceiling. The island’s marble countertop brings an elegant look to the décor. Designers choose wood material for the floor of the room. The presence of wood in this room is able to warm up the cold look of the white that dominates the entire room. Ceiling lamps can add a modern impression to the appearance of the decoration.

8. Small Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

Small Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

When we have a small room, maximizing space utilization is the main thing. Here’s one inspiration for you, a small walk-in closet dimension. The space from floor to ceiling is entirely used as a walk-in closet. These closets provide plenty of storage space, in the form of hangers, shelves and drawers. Sliding doors complement the bottom of the closet. Glass doors allow all the objects we store to be seen from the outside without opening the door. Being smart in utilizing existing space and clever in choosing furniture models can make a narrow room into a room that can accommodate all of our fashion collections. For lighting, we find several types of lamps including chandeliers and ceiling lamps. Apart from lighting up the room, these lights also play a role in creating the final look of the decor.

9. Stackable Washer Dryer Closet Dimension Ideas

Stackable Washer Dryer Closet Dimension Ideas

Do you need an idea of stackable washer dryer closet dimension? Here is for you. This is a laundy room which has a closet with lots of storage space. White dominates the room, with a touch of turquoise blue. Ceiling lights as room lighting. A pair of washing machines is the focal point in this area, while the cabinets form a U letter. On the top side we find the clothes hanger just above the washing machine. A pair of cabinets with doors flanked it. The shelves also provide more space to store. This laundry room design is quite simple. Not many things enter here, only basic furniture. The floor of the room is pale gray almost white, while the walls are beige. To enhance the decoration, there is only a star painting on the wall.

10. Standard Bedroom Closet Dimension Ideas For Kids

Standard Bedroom Closet Dimension Ideas For Kids

This is a standard bedroom closet dimension for girls. There is a clear feminine impression here, reflected in the selection of pink, purple and white colors that dominate the decorations. Combining typical female colors for the closet, creating a soft, cheerful and playful look. This wardrobe dimension is composed of a white door cabinet, pink cabinet above the upholstered bed, and occupies the very end of the colorful shelves and drawers. The queen-sized bed has white color, and colorful bedding beautifies the bed area. Several paintings were attached to the white walls of the room. Pink color dominates this work of art. A pink sofa offers a reading corner, next to which stands a white bookcase.

11. Standard Closet Dimension Ideas

Standard Closet Dimension Ideas

Realizing a dream about a standard closet dimension will create a sense of satisfaction in itself. Everyone has their own dream design, depending on their interests and styles. If in this post we see a luxurious and elegant closet design with a classic touch. The shape of the sofa and the design of the chandelier emphasize this. This spacious room has plenty of wiggle room. The choice of furniture and arrangement created this. The place for clothes is composed of two parts, where the bottom is for pants, and the top is for clothes. In the center of the room sits an elegant white sofa attached to a mirrored island beneath a luxurious chandelier. The space near the window houses a cabinet and a mirror as a preening area. Choosing wood material as the floor of the room is the right choice to create a luxurious yet warm look.

12. Toilet Closet Dimension Ideas

Toilet Closet Dimension Ideas

We can apply this dimension toilet design even if we live in an apartment with limited space. We just need to provide one corner of the room to make it happen. the adjacent area we can build shelves for storing folded towels, and other clean clothes. A plastic stool should be in this area to make it easier for us to reach objects that are located high. The folding door complements this closet dimension, making it possible to hide it when we are not using it, so that the room still looks neat and clean. The white color is the choice here, creating a beautiful blend with natural colored wooden floors.

13. Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas For Layout

Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas For Layout

Another idea of a walk-in dimension layout coming to us. Offers a simple design but gives a classy, modern impression. The white color dominates the room, even for the walls and ceiling, making this room appear bright and clean. Providing lots of hangers, allows us to separate our fashion items according to their types so it’s easy when choosing. We can use each space to accommodate one type of clothing model, or we can even group them by color. Because it appears bright thanks to the white color, the lights that illuminate this room need not be excessive. The lamp design is still simple but modern, it fits perfectly with the decor concept of this room.

14. Minimum Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

Minimum Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

This minimum dimension walk-in closet has a cool and youthful design. Choosing white for the closet is the most appropriate choice, so you can decorate it with various bright colors without worrying. The bottom of the closet is a shelf that displays a collection of shoes very neatly. the space above provides a coat hanger and a large enough surface to hold bags and a few other items. The very top looks attractive, presenting several colors that can change the appearance of the decoration. This area is the large shelves. The owner complements it with a colorful basket. Apart from providing storage, these baskets also play a role in decorating the room and ensuring neatness in the area.


15. Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

Walk-in Closet Dimension Ideas

Still choosing white, this designer offers a modern design walk-in closet dimension Ideas with abundant storage space consisting of shelves, drawers, and clothes hangers. Standing firmly, almost covering the entire wall surface of the room, this closet can display all of our fashion items. We can use the shelves to store shoes which we can group according to the model and type, or even according to their color. Besides being able to display shoes, we can also store our bag collections on this shelf. For the hanger area, we can also treat the same thing, grouping our clothes according to their designation, style, color, and type. We use drawers to store accessories and other small things, or we can also store underwear so that it always looks neat.

16. Water Closet Dimension Ideas

Water Closet Dimension Ideas

The last of this post we look at a water closet dimension that features a modern design. Natural colors dominate this room, consisting of white and cream colors. Offers a design that is quite simple and does not take up much space, allowing us to glance at this design when we live in an apartment with limited space.The area next to it is a washing machine and dryer, so we can immediately wash dirty clothes in one place without having to move rooms. In terms of practicality, this water closet design is really interesting. Choosing ceramics as the floor of the room is also one of the right choices considering the function of this room.

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