19 Modern Computer Desk Ideas

19 Modern Computer Desk Ideas

Do you need some ideas of DIY computer desk? Here they are. We have 19 references design of computer desk for you who like somethimg modern to rustic, for limited area with elegant or simple design.

1. Corner Computer Desk Ideas

corner Computer Desk Ideas
The corner computer desk design sound good to take advantage of your corner room. This design is very simple, equipped with drawer and open wall bookshelves. The wall backdrop is white, and the bookshelves is black, show the monochrome look. The 3 levels wall bookshelves contains a lot of space to put your things that will make your work space look clean and tidy. If you need some more space you can use the drawer on your left side. The drawer made of wood, make it so awesome. On the desk you can put your photography collection. The green plant with green pot presenting nature feel that will enhance the convenience. How about the chair? The simple modern work chair make perfect the look of this corner computer desk design ideas.

2. Custom Computer Desk

Custom Computer desk
If you have narrow space but need comfortable work space, this custom computer desk is perfect for you. The measure of this table can adjusted to the need. The material of table is light wood in natural finishing. Below the table, a black drawer provide of space to save your thing. The yellow wall look suite with the table. If on the picture, this custom computer desk can use to put two computer screens with a pair of speaker, keyboard, mouse, and the machine. The natural light comes from the glass window on the right side of work space. And to make perfect the looks of this custom computer desk design ideas is the wooden floor.


3. DIY computer desk case

diy computer desk case
The third design to fulfill your wishes who like elegant and luxury work room. For this design use diy computer desk case. Here, you can see the dark color dominate the design, of course combined with white color for the balance. Around the room stand some bookshelves with a lot of space to arrange the books collection. The glass windows alternately with the bookshelves. Because of these glass windows, the work room bathed in sunlight at noon. It’s very warm. In the work area, a black desk with glass top stand firm. A black office chair offer comfort that will enhance your inspiration and your spirit. On the ceiling, hanging a classic fan as complete the design. Two single leather sofas stands on the light brown carpet with abstract line. What do you think? This is interesting right?

4. DIY computer design plan

diy computer desk plans

Ok, the next inspiration is diy computer design plan. The work space near the kitchen. The design is very homey. No problem with limited space. This design as you can see on the picture just need a little of space. How about the storage if you have a lot of things? It’s easy. The solution of this problem is wall shelve and desk with drawer. The book rack can accommodate all your book collection. The slim desk with stone top fit to the space. To keep the tidiness, you can save your things in the drawers on your left. The simple work chair enough give you a comfort while your work, while the brown backdrop look suitable with the wooden floor. Is the design give you an idea to create your comfortable work space?

5. Diy computer desk

diy computer desk
Let see the next inspiration. Here is diy computer desk, made of two wooden boards. Sure, it is very simple, perfect idea for you who love simplicity. The wooden board in black painted, make it look masculine. Stand firmly the bookshelves in same color with the desk. This bookshelves stands from the floor to the ceiling. In your opinion, what’s interesting about this design? Is it the carpet, the standing lamp, or the sit space near the window with backyard view? For me, all in this work room are lovely. The black and white rug give pattern and welcoming of monochrome look. In the middle of stressful work, the sit space will relaxing, with green garden view. And the unique of standing lamp really make something look of corner space. I can imagine how warm the room in the morning with sunlight that come through the glass windows.

6. DIY corner computer desk

diy corner computer desk
Well, the next design still use the room corner. This work space is in the living room. White color dominate this design, make the space look clean. The diy corner computer desk have space enough. What about the storage? A wall mounted bookshelves complete the desk in same color. This rack and drawer can use to save your things and make your space always look tidy. On the top of bookshelves, there is a green plant. It’s really look beautiful. A grey office chair offer the comfort. The chair completed with with wheels, make you easy to move. Really nice, right?

7. DIY floating desk

diy floating desk
One more idea of limited work space with modern simple design. This work area available for two. The desk use wooden material in natural finishing. This diy floating desk is really simple, just made of wooden board. As a backdrop is dark grey wall, strengthen the modern look. The yellow decoration presenting chic look. Small container stick to the wall provide place to put your pens. The bookshelf also in simple design, just a wooden board in white color, mounted on the grey wall, create a contrast combination. Really interesting. The white drawer can use to devide two work space. This floating desk completed by two white chairs.

8. DIY pipe computer desk

diy pipe computer desk
If you are a people who’s like an unusual design of a desk, here is for you. It is a diy pipe computer desk. The top of desk made of rough wood in natural finishing. The pipe serves as table buffer. It’s look awesome. Broken white fabric chair increase the luxury look of this work space design. On the wall, mounted around framed mirror. The mirror can give broad impression. Put mirror in the narrow space is one smart idea to make the area look more spacious. In general, the style of this work area is classic. What do you think? Is it interesting?

9. DIY rustic computer desk

diy rustic computer desk
diy rustic computer desk

For you who’s love rustic feel in your work space, here it is. On the picture above, we can see that all design dominate by wooden material, from the floor, wall, and the ceiling. The center oint of this work room is the diy rustic computer desk. This computer desk firmly standing give rustic feel but at the same time bring a luxury look. The table have attractive leg design, and all made of wooden in dark finish. This rustic computer desk paired with a leather office chair. The desk chair completed with wheels make it easy to move. An unique chandelier hang above the wooden desk, decorate the room. The black desk lamp bring industrial feel to the space.

10. DIY rustic desk

diy rustic desk
The other design of diy rustic desk with deferent style. It is more simple and was designed for narrow space. This work room contain of a corner desk, metal basket as a storage, a small drawer, and wall mounted shelves. Ok, let see one by one, start from the computer desk. The desk made of hard wood that give sturdy impression. The metal leg strengthen that look. Another metal material use as a storage. The metal storage hanging below the desk, offer enough place to keep your things. The drawer in rough finish emphasize the rustic style. One thing that caught my attention is the zigzag shelve. The design is unique, make the make room decoration not boring. What do you think?


11. DIY small computer desk

diy small computer desk
It is idea for teenager study room design. The concept is light design. Here we found diy small computer desk in white color. The white color also make the room look larger and brighter. In accordance with teenage characters, the design is cheerful. The wall art bringing color and fun into the space. It is so cute. The combination of green and yellow reflect the soul of teenager, energetic and peppy. The white small computer contrast with the red chair. The blue carpet look good make the room more colorful. Actually, this work room is really simple, but it’s arrangement make the look of the room so catchy.

12. DIY wood computer desk

diy wood computer desk
This classic work room is really something. The warm feel wrap the room. Wood material dominated all the room design. The center point of this office room is the diy wood computer desk. In general look, the design is classic, but at the same time pull us to the elegant feel. The floor to the top cupboard as the work back drop. Here we can see brass decoration, gracefully fills the space. If we look above, we will served by an elegant wooden ceiling that cope the room. Floral pattern curtain give feminism touch to the decoration, look suite with the rug. On the room corner there is a comfortable chair which will give you rest space. This work room is small, but provide many things, comfort, warm feel, and luxury.


13. Floating computer desk diy

floating computer desk diy
Another idea is floating computer desk diy that show on the picture above. This work room look broad and bright. The style is modern simple, and the decor is not complicated. The wall in wood color, and the entire surface of the floor was covered in grey carpet. In the middle of room there is a round table that provide enough space for meeting. A beautiful chandelier hang on the ceiling above the round table. The present of this chandelier as a lighting and the same time decorate the office room. The floating desk completed by wooden storage that can use to save many things. To get a comfortable work, the office chair have cozy back rest and wheel. Some art and paintings are displayed in the room.

14. Gaming computer desk ideas

Gaming Computer Desk Ideas
Are you a gamer and search a gaming computer ideas? This post will give you an idea. When playing a game, what do you need? one of them is comfort, right? Sit on the floor that covered by comfy rug is one choice for you. If like that, you have to choose short desk as your computer desk. On the picture, we can see that the design is not complicated. That is very simple, and completed by storage with enough space to save your many things, so your gaming room will always look clean and tidy. Above the desk, there are floating bookshelves, made of wood board in white color. Some miniature of super hero displayed on the shelves, decorate this room.


15. gaming computer desk

gaming computer Desk
Here is another inspiration of gaming computer desk. The desk with glass top, allows to see the bottom of the table. There are colorful lamps bellow These cool lamps which can be seen from the table. The existence of these colorful lights confirms that this is gaming computer desk. When the room is dark, these lamps look attractive. Because there aren’t many items and furniture in this area, this gaming computer desk be the vocal point, of course. What do you think? Is it cool, right?


16. Kids computer desk

kids Computer Desk Ideas
Do you need an inspiration of kids computer desk? If you do, this is special for you, who’s need some ideas to arrange your girl room. Purple, orange, and white are used in the decoration. The kids computer desk placed one side with the bed. The desk is small, with purple top, completed by drawers and on the wall there was a bookshelf. A white desk lamp on the desk corner, as a light but at the same time beautify the desk. On the left side of desk stand a white rack that displays some collections. A chic desk chair look good and cozy. On the wall, there are some wall art. Butterfly and flower shaped wall art strengthen the girly look. A single bed flanked by two drawers. Two-toned cupboard firmly stand next to the bed.

17. Simple diy computer desk

simple diy computer desk
Do you need something simple desk ideas to realize your dream work room? Here is for you, simple diy computer desk. White color dominated the room, bring bright and clean feel. To bring warmth to the room, wooden floor is the perfect choice. The white color here also create a wider impression. Are you agree with me? The design is really simple in modern concept. This work room have a lot of storage. Bookshelves on one side of room used to displays some collections that decorate the room. On the work space, there is a simple diy computer desk, made of wood board in dark finish that contrast with the white wall and white cupboard. The wicker chair completed this computer desk. A beautiful painting on the wall look good hang above the computer screen.


18. White diy standing computer desk

white diy standing computer desk
Maybe one of you needs an idea of standing computer desk? We bring this design for you. This diy standing computer desk is very simple. The standing desk no need a lot of space. you can put it on the room corner or next to the door. This standing desk completed by storage with four doors. I think the space is enough to put many things. The top of desk use light wood material, with aluminum buffer. The work lamps are slim, adjust the large of the desk. This standing computer desk also completed by wheel so can be moved easily to the other side of the room or even easy to move to another room. This is the smartest idea I’ve ever seen.

19. White ideas minimalis computer desk

Source via houzz.com
Ideas for white color design never run out. One of them is the idea of white desk. On the picture we can found white ideas minimalist computer desk. The work area on the next of glass window that in the morning bring a lot of sunlight in. The white desk is small, can only accommodate a mouse and keyboard of computer. Bookshelves above the computer screen used to displays the books collection, while the drawer to put many things. A patterned chair with wooden frame look comfy.

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